Next Developer Call will be on 11/04/2015

Hi All!

Time for another developer call!

Preview of topics for this week:

  • Platform Updates
  • Overview of changes to OAuth flow
  • Updates to ZigbBee Device Type Handlers coming (this is really cool!)
  • Other cool new updates we are excited to share with you guys

Meeting Info:

Every other Wednesday for 1 hour
8pm EST / 7pm CST / 5pm PST

To join the Meeting:

To join via Phone:

  1. Dial:
    +1 408 740 7256
    +1 888 240 2560 (US or Canada only)
    (see all numbers -
  2. Enter Conference ID: 551112646


Sounds like a big one, Tim… Does this affect how we program OAuth flows, or will in be transparently handled in the back end? If coding changes are required, we definitely need some time to understand, modify, and test. Thanks!

Hello Tim,

Any news on an official Sonos integration?

What happened to the Sonos Engineer that was working with Smartthings a few months back?

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Just a suggestion for future communications…whilst you’ve provided three US timezones, you’ve not provided UTC.

For anybody outside the USA, we need to look up the current offset for one of the USA timezones (depends upon whether that timezone is in daylight savings or not), convert the time to UTC and then apply our local timezone offset (which we typically already know).

If you provided the UTC time it would be much easier for those of us outside the USA to determine the correct local time.


Great! Can’t wait. Should be a good call.

Just for clarification that is 01:00 UTC on Thursday :smile:


Is a pass code required to join this call? Been testing the link and it seems to need one.

Yes - residing in Australia, I’m very cognisant of the effects of the International Date Line… :grin:

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Strange my last post got deleted and now I cannot connect to the call? Edit:seems like Chrome problem, and I missed the first 15 minutes on OAuth.

33 people on call, not sure the issue, no passcode needed.

Do you have to be a developer? Or can a very interested user that has enough tech experience to understand just listen in?

No, but it helps. Tech savvy folks are welcome.

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Anyone willing to post a bullet point summary of the call? Sounds like interesting stuff but just got home and couldn’t make it.

videos are usually posted afterward, stay tuned. (Once tim figures out the youtube password)



In regards to ZigBee stuff you asked:

Vinay, our ZigBee guru, has full plans to send rejoins and other things that come with ZigBee devices leaving and joining the network through the parse method. It will not be in the push we talked about tonight, but will be an iterative improvement to the new ZigBee architecture.


Is the SmartThings Developer Calendar no longer being updated? It looks like the old Blue Jeans ID is being used on the calendar.

@slagle , I’m not where I can make the developers’ calls usually. I know at one point they were recorded and put up where you could watch them later. Is that still the case? I’d like to listen to last night’s call, but I wasn’t sure if/where it was posted. Thanks!


It will be posted here


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