Zigbee Issues since Dec '23 Firmware Update

I have been having a lot of issues with zigbee devices randomly going offline and especially with motion sensors since the firmware update back in december.

I don’t know if it was a coincidence that the problems started then or if it’s really caused by the changes in the firmware, or because i have a bad device on the network. it has been working well for the last few years before this, and seems weird its mostly the motion sensors that are going offline

Battery use also seems to have increased for the sensors I’m on Gen 2 2015 hub, 290 devices and I use a combination of mostly lowes 3326-l iris motion sensors some Bosch Zigbee motion sensors and then a few latest generation samsung motion sensors.

They have all worked great for years but suddenly in december almost all of them randomly go offline and stop reporting . removing batteries for a bit usually fixes it , but not always some have had to be deleted and re-added again to start working. i use a combination of either @Mariano_Colmenarejo s great Zigbee motion sensor Mc Edge drivers or the Samsung’s Smartthings drivers (Beta) for all of them and for the last 2 months it has been really bad.

each day i wake up to different devices being offline and not reporting motion. I have many other zigbee devices and 95% continue to work normally mostly its just the motion sensors that have gone haywire. i have done many reboots. taken the hub offline for 30 mins to rebuild the zigbee network ( seems to help for a day and then slowly falls over again) .

In the old IDE i used to be able to see what each zigbee device was linking to ( parent device) but with the new system i can’t find this information. I

have ordered a digi Xbee zigbee device and plant to try to map the network with Digi’s XCTU just incase the problem is coming from a bad device on my network.

Anyone with any ideas? i’m really going crazy with this one, i have tried everything i can think of, even changed all my wifi channels around the house etc to try to improve it but it only made it worse so I went back to the way it was.

The battery drain with zigbee devices has been reported by many users. That started with a firmware release in early fall. The current beta/future firmware may address that issue.

The zigbee offline issue (and many z-wave too) has been reported by users with the same timeline you noted. One thing to try, power down your hub for 30 minutes (remove batteries if a v2 hub). You may need to power down your zigbee devices after the hub boots back up. Give it about 10 to 20 minutes after the hub boots to see if they start reporting online.

Which hub do you have? Added any new zigbee devices lately or and other changes in your home such as new networking equipment, etc?


Hi , im on the v2 hub and have done the power down many times , it does help but only for a day or so and then issues return. i had not added anything new at the time the problem began.

My Ikea motion sensors show as being online on a regular basis. But they are not truly offline. If I walk by them they respond and then they show as being online.

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Same here, and if I don’t walk past them they’ll give at least one false positive a day with the same effect. It never happened with the device handlers and I am wondering if the changes to device monitoring in the latest firmware will in any way improve things.

Unfortunately the mobile app treats ‘offline’ as genuinely offline and uncontrollable even though it actually means something more like “can’t be confirmed to be online”, and so you can’t really use the app to check what the situation really is.

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My Zigbee devices have been eating batteries too. I have a bunch of Visonic contact sensors that will hover at 11% for a very long time which triggers the app to nag me (and my family) to death about it. It’s always been a problem, but now so many pretty much live in that space since they are draining so quickly, I’ve had to come up with a way to monitor them outside of the standard process and disable notifications from those devices. Just hoping that turning off the device notification doesn’t stop STHM from being triggered. Guess I should actually test that.

Seems there are quite a few people with issues , it would be nice to know that Samsung is working on whatever problems were created with the last few firmware updates. It has made the system so unstable for me, and there is also a cost in batteries :wink:


My Aqara Wall Switches worked fine for some time and now are basically unusable. Every couple of minutes they start blinking red-blue and then just stop working even as a normal switch. Then come back again… trying to control them from ST says “network error” after some time and eventually succeeds after numerous tries.