36 Hours: Another Outage with Device Processing

Hey All,

I’ve been having my Zigbee-based SmartThings-brand motion sensors stop reporting motion on me. It was occurring quite frequently prior to v14.22; however, it seems like I was ‘all systems go’ since Sunday morning.

I’m now out, again. The motion sensors report battery, temperature but not actual motion. My z-wave sensor continues to function as-is and my ZigBee lights are fine. It seems as if there is something else going on outside of my house.

Has anyone else experienced this?

Thank you!

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I have had this problem happening sometimes. The last time was during the last update. Although I don’t have an official explanation (or a pure technical one for that matter) based on my observation it seems like it happens when the zigbee device loses connection while in active state. When the connection is re-established the device could only be re-established by power cycling it (taking the battery out). I know we have lots of technical people around, so maybe someone will chime in.

At 3:55PM (gmt-5), my detectors stopped reporting. One stayed active, the other inactive. The usual resetting of hub, devices helped.

I also just noticed all my O/C sensors also stopped reporting. Again. I have to manually reset all of them to get them working. So it’s not just motion detector, but all my open/close devices also stopped reporting the critical event but continued to do temperature/battery.

Was there a platform change earlier this afternoon? @slagle

Yup… another outage here… this is getting ridiculous!

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I think we’ve gone past ludicrous.

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“They’ve gone to plaid!”


I reset everything and some things came back, but then they went south again. I think there is a broader outage that is not yet reported or communicated. It would be nice to know when I should actually do the resets.

same here… everything very slow tonight…

1/29/16… hub (v2) is offline again… ugh.