Zigbee devices disconnected

Hi everyone, I’m here to check if someone has run into a similar issue. Since sometime last week I noticed all zigbee devices showing offline. Zwave look fine, same goes for integrations such as ecobee. Rebooting the hub (v3) and some of the zigbee reconnect (but not all) for a short time. I have a Samsung plug and an ikea lightbulb as repeaters, the rest are all battery powered sensors.

Oddly, a few day before this started happening I got like 80 notification from one of the sensors ( a leak detector)

Any tips?

Take a look here at this post. You may need to look up at few others:

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Thanks! That sounds like my issue, I might need to put the hub on a wifi switch :confused:

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Jumping on here. I think I’ve also run into the zigbee connection problems that are ongoing with the latest firmware but last night, everything dropped so I rebooted the hub which now can’t connect to my network at all. I do have Sonos speakers and sound bar in play so wondering if I’ve now run into that ongoing issue as well. Any suggestions? Presumably I need to get the hub online to get the fix for the Sonos issue but how can I manage this? Is hard-wiring the hub into one of my deco routers the only option for me now?

I shutdown my sonos speakers, waited a while, booted up my smartthings hub and its back online now. Guess I need these fixes for both this issue and the zigbee issue.