Zigbee Devices All Offline Overnight

At about 04:30(UK) all of my zigbee devices went offline, my Z wave devices were fine, about an hour later my two leak sensors came back online so I guessed my hub’s zigbee was still functional, I got out of bed and struggled to the hub in semi darkness because I’ve got a smarthome so I’m damned if I’m using light switches like a ludite! I unplugged the hub plugged it back in and returned to bed to watch all of the devices come back online in stages. Completely new phenomena to me.

That samething happened to my setup a few weeks ago, 100% of zigbee sensors and lights.
Hub still functioning as a routines still firing.
A simple power cycle of hub fixing most.
A few had to be re found, mainly the aqara temp/hum sensors which is common

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My experience is that devices all go offline on mass after a firmware update on the hub.

Devices will come back eventually but I find walking around opening and closing contact sensors, triggering motion sensors etc will bring them back online there and then.

I had the same situation happen at my home recently. It started with the zigbee devices going offline then i would reboot the hub and zigbees would be online for a day or so etc etc. Eventually all devices would drop offline and i would reboot and things would be back online for a day or so. Eventually i replaced the hub with a new hub and using the “hub replacement function” in smartthings. Replacement was easy and no problems since.