Aeotec Smart Home Hub/2018/2015 Model Hub Firmware Release Notes - 0.45.9

About 16 hrs since I was able to change Zigbee channel to 20 - no issues since… well except my two Sonoff temp/hum probes have trouble to connect now, but that is peanuts. Keeping my fingers crossed still.


On the subject of changing zigbee channels…

I have a couple devices I’ve recently started having trouble with. Perhaps a channel change would help. I’m on the v2 hub. How do I change the channel? I think it was part of the IDE?

Also, and this is more something I’ve just been wondering about, if you have a Hue hub and a ST hub broadcasting on the same zigbee channel, do all devices on each end up as part of the same network? As in would a device connected to the Hue hub act as a repeater for a device on the ST hub? And vice versa?


Yes, for the moment, you can only change the Zigbee channel through the IDE.

Hopefully they will add that feature to the app before the IDE is retired.


So you can still get to the IDE? I honestly thought it was already gone.

Hi! In this post, the team updated the dates where the sunset is expected, currently, you can still access the IDE but you cannot add new DTH or SmartApps (only edit them).


Official notice on zigbee troubles with the latest firmware


Yep, in the IDE. It’s one of the things that need to be moved to the app once the IDE is gone.

No, it doesn’t work that way. A device only repeats for the network to which it is joined, as in the same controller.


Zigbee channel change seems to be permanent fix. Even Sonoff sensors are operational again, had to re-join them. Too bad they still joined with DTH although I have compatible Edge drivers installed in my hub.

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In this transition period Custom DTHs take priority over edge drivers. So right now if you want a device to join with an edge Driver, you have to first either remove the custom DTH from your account or comment out the fingerprint. (And to be honest, I’m not sure you can comment out the custom DTH anymore after this week’s IDE changes. :thinking:) Then it should select an edge driver if there’s one with a matching fingerprint.


As @csstup mentioned, The zigbee profile that smartthings uses only allows for one coordinator (hub) per Network. So your hue hub is forming its own mini Zigbee Network which has nothing to do with your smartthings Zigbee Network. Devices connected to the hue bridge will only repeat for other devices connected to that same hue bridge. And they will not be able to use repeaters connected to the smartthings/Aeotec hub.

In fact, it’s usually a good idea to make sure that the two Zigbee networks are on channels with some separation between them so they don’t cause interference noise for each other.

I usually start out with smartthings on zigbee channel 11, Hue on Zigbee channel 20, and Wi-Fi on Wi-Fi channel 11. But it depends on local conditions, it can take some trial and error if you are seeing problems.

If you aren’t seeing problems, don’t worry about it. :sunglasses:


You can still edit existing device handlers. You can’t add new ones.


Thanks to you and @csstup

I was having issues with a couple zigbee devices yesterday morning, which is what kicked off the line of questioning from me. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to go through the hassle of possibly switching to a channel that was going to anger some of my older zigbee devices, so I decided to switch from 20 to 19, wait a few minutes, then switch back to 20. It appeared to improve the issues I was having and I, at least so far, have not noticed new issues with any other devices.

But then only a short while later, ST came out with the announcement that they were aware of the zigbee troubles. So what I did was most likely for nothing. But at least I learned some things! That probably won’t be useful soon when the IDE goes away… :laughing:

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Does anyone when when SmartThings expect to release a fix. And is there any workaround? Perhaps a different Driver ?

Several zigbee device that were working flawlessly are now unreliable or drop. In particular Frient devices. Waiting for that fix.

For these sensors, I have selected a DTH (eZEX) from the dropdown list. I guess, if I select “Thing” or “Unknown” now, it is removed. Sorry to hijack this FW thread with my driver questions.

I have been getting two or three devices drop every so often that previously I never had issues with.

Nope - had to reboot twice in last 24 hrs to get ZB radio on again. :angry:

This firmware is actually Matter certified:

Yes it is. That comment is two weeks old and before Samsung officially announced Matter going live on October 24th.


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