Z-wave repair failures for non-existent devices

See screenshot below. These devices (2E, 28, 16) don’t actually exist in my mesh. They aren’t listed in my IDE. They probably used to exist at some point, but no longer. No idea what they were. Is this something I should fix?

Ahh the old spirits of devices past. AFAIK contacting support is your best bet to remove them. Especially if not showing in IDE. I had a couple mystery device 3E, 4G etc show up last week. I didn’t worry about it, attributed it to the previously mentioned ZW issues they were working on

Yes, you should fix them. :sunglasses: Otherwise your devices will continue to try to send messages to them, and then they’ll have to retry when they can’t reach them, which can slow down your network.

This occurs when you force delete a device, which will remove it from your cloud account, but the hub itself still has a record of it in its address table. It can also occur when a pairing of a new device failed partway through, so that a network ID has been assigned to it but the pairing never actually completes. Then the new device gets added with a different network ID for the successful run, but the ghost remains. :ghost:

See the following FAQ for how to fix it:

I had a few of these caused by Iris plugs. ST Support was able to get rid of some but not all. I tried the instuctions with the link below. I used a Go Control Door and Window Sensor as it was my only extra zwave device not in use that was easily put in exclusion mode.

Basically added the sensor, changed the ID to the phantom ID using the IDE, then removed the device using the android app (delete ansd exclusion).


Finally have a 100% clean repair, but man what a pain. Hopefully this sort of thing is resolved in a future update.