Question About Z-Wave Repair

Should I be worried about any of these errors I see while doing a repair? The devices don’t show up in my device list…

I am running a repair as several Z-Wave devices in my house have stopped working. The repair did not help.

Do the devices work via the app? When I got those in the past it indicated that some of the devices can’t be accessed anymore via the network. Sometimes, however, run the repair again and watch the log…if it is always the same device then I would be worried…otherwise it could have been a delay in the response.

I see those same devices each time I run it, but they are not listed under my device list in the IDE. Looking at the Device Network ID list they are not there…

The devices that are not working are contact sensors, so the app only gets events, doesn’t send them.

I took the battery out of one and put it back, it works now… Still wondering what those devices are in the repair log…

See the zwave repair errors FAQ, it explains what you’re seeing:

Then read that thread from the top for information about ghost devices.

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How do I go about doing this? The devices are not in my device list in the IDE.

See post 13 in the FAQ thread linked to above.

If that doesn’t work, contact support.

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