Z-wave repair unknown device

I have an unknown item that shows up each time I perform a Z-Wave repair. This item is not in my device list on the SmartThings web site. I suspect this is leftover from a repeater that I tested, but has been successfully removed.
It seems the Hub has not removed it although it does not show up in any list, anywhere. Does anyone know of any way that the device list can be refreshed based on actual current devices or how to remove the unrecognized device?

Thanks in advance…

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I believe you need support to remove a device that like. It’s stuck in the database and I believe they are the only ones able to exercise it.

Yea, I was thinking it might involve support, but I’m not sure where it resides… I do not see it in the online device list… Seems to be in the hub since the only time I see it is when I try to repair…

Take a look at this thread. It may help you with the orphan devices.

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Thanks for the help… Got’em !