Z-wave repair failing

How many do you have? I have 45 of the GE z-wave switches. I don’t plan on replacing 45 every year or two. :fearful:


I have a variety of GE switches totaling 72 devices. I’ve moved them from hub v1, to hub v2, and over the last week to a replacement v2 hub. In total I’ve moved 217 of my 250+ devices, and yes - it’s a PITA. I’m actually finishing up as I write this reply!

Here’s my last zwave repair 5 days ago. At this point of the move I had all the GE switched moved, all my zigbee repeater-capable devices, and a few other device (Aeon smart outlets, HEM, etc). A good and clean zwave mesh and repair is possible:

EDIT: note the time - 2’ish AM. I didn’t have anyone using a device, my metering devices were barely active, and I did not have any automations running. In terms of zwave traffic, it was very quiet.



this is how I do it too! Also, first thing when I get a failure (which doesn’t happen often) I just change the state of the device - like turn on and off a switch or an outlet - and then run the repair again. 90% of the time I get a clean run after I do that.

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I eventually sorted my mesh by removing all the failing devices, then re adding with my hub closer and on battery. Was able to repair clean at that point. When I moved my hub back to its network closet the same devices started failing mesh repair again… On a hunch, but with out any sort of formal network map, I removed and re added the devices “in between”. Basically a few switches that apparently are helping the signal hop up from the basement. At each step running a repair again. Eventually I was able to get a clean mesh.

Moral of the story. The devices reporting mesh update errors may not be the problem. If it seems the errors are concentrated in one area of your house, take a look at the devices that may be relaying the signal. A legit routing table tool would have been helpful here, but I’d rather have a stable system before engineering works on adding debug tools.


Absolutely! We need more ST zwave tools in our toolbox.

I used a 100’ network cable and went to every switch, and I only did a zwave repair a couple times in between. Once all repeater-capable devices were added, I started the repair process. What you see in the image above is the 4th and final repair. The first had a lot of devices that wouldn’t update their mesh, and then each repair after that had fewer and fewer issues until that last one I posted above.


Now nothing on my z-wave mesh network is responding (45 GE light switches, 2 garage door openers, 1 gate opener, 6 Aeon outlets, 4 SmartThings outlets). None of these devices are responding to the repair device or repair mesh network tools not even the ones that are right next to the hub. :disappointed:

All zigbee devices are working great.

Any advice?

Make sure to reach out to support if you haven’t already.

@slagle I did two days ago about my 45 GE light switches, still no response. I sent an email to support again just now about my new finding.

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Hey Duncan, do you know why would z-wave repair log show up on Sonos (connect) live logging? Isn’t this very strange…

Sonos Connect used to subscribe to all location events. I think if you go into your Sonos Connect and hit update or whatever it should resubscribe so it’s just seeing ssdp events.

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now i’m getting “Sorry, you’re not authorized to view this page.” they must have turned this option off. Why they would turn it off is beyond me… Sigh


Perhaps you could take a look at my system or talk with support. Nothing shows up in my “event list” anymore. My zwave network hasn’t been operational for over a month. I’ve removed all zwave devices and added a few back and while I do have control of these I don’t have the option to do any zwave repairs(or if I do I don’t get any sort of notification in the event list page either with the filter cleared or with the standard “zwNwkRepair” I’m about ready to throw in the towel, it doesn’t seem like support is working on it…

ticket:#208035 - since this ticket i have completely removed every smartapp that had any connection to my zwave devices.

In retrospect next time I will submit a ticket the second I have an issue instead of trying to wait for platform fixes. It appears those fixes had little to do with my situation(other than reliability)

If you’re not seeing things in the mobile app we know about it and are working on it. Please make sure theres a support ticket so we can triage and prioritize it :slight_smile:

I’m not having issues with the mobile app, I’m having issues with zwave repair and devices going unresponsive… I was taking about the event list in the ide to follow the repair process.

It’s my turn. I chatted with support and got nowhere. What was your solution?

My solution was to switch to a hub that i had nib waiting for a different location. I factory reset the old hub and is now not in use. My experience has been better on the new hub. Support didnt offer to replace the old one, i didnt really ask either i was so frustrated with the whole situation.

This hub wasnt affected by the suc id issue(or if it was it had fresh firmware update to fix itself) repairs instantly worked on it with all of the same devices.

Yeah, man. Had such a good run with no issues. When I saw the 101 error I wasn’t worried based on @bamarayne previous experiences. But after chatting with support, I am kind of lost here. My zwave mesh is toast. Arghhhh

My problems went on for weeks with st support not really helping before i made the decision to try the other hub. My suggestion would be to try to get support to replace the hub.

Support just “reset” my zwave radio, what ever that means My problems started when I tried to replace a failing device. And when that didn’t work. I tried to excluded. And after that nothing worked. I’ve got support to remove it from back end, but that didn’t seem to have improved things. Now after the radio reset, things seem more stable. Will see if they last. If not, Ill go for a replacement. But I really, really would not want to reset 100 + devices.

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Tell them to check for and delete the orphan devices… Then reboot.

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