Z-wave repair failing

That doesn’t always work. I’ve had an open ticket now for a while on ghost/orphaned zwave devices. Even though support deletes them, I’ve had several come back. You know what the interesting part of some of those devices is? The ID of the device has never been one I’ve reached on my new hub yet. For example, I’ll get id DD, but I’m still in the C range. I’ve never ever had a device get a D range id yet on my new hub. I’m still waiting for support to explain that one, and why I have so many ghost/orphaned devices. To date I’ve had 33 devices sent to support to delete, and a little less than 1/3 have popped back up.

My theory? I once had my old hub and new hub up and running under the same ST account while I was manually migrating to the new hub. I think when I finally shut down the old hub and removed the Location that ST had/has some type of database problem/corruption and devices in the database from my old hub are trying to phone home to something.

I don’t have proof of that, just circumstantial info. All I know is that when I had both hubs running, My Devices showed ALL devices across BOTH hubs, and that makes me wonder what back end database issues may exist.

Again, just my theory. For now, all my zwave devices and mesh are working quite well. Which I just now jinked myself…


I can say this… Last night in my mobile app I had a while bunch of rooms show up that were deleted. I can’t access them in the app out the iduse to delete them.

I have no idea about my system… I’m at the beach…

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Soon for me too! The South East coast beaches are a callin’, but I need to wait until the tropical storm makes it’s way past.

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I did but I need to tell them again, because when I asked, the rep offered to delete my virtual devices. And me trying to explain what orphan devices are, just got me frustrated. Everything seems ok so far.

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Yeah, the sur was crazy today! Breaking an easy six feet. Beautiful weather… but it was a red flag.

I’m in gulf shores

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What is reinclude? Is that different than exclude and pair?

I recently had 2 devices that suddenly could not be contacted, reboots and zwave repair did not help.

One device was a GE dimmer switch, and one was the outside ge plugin switch.

Did an exclude and re-pair which fixed it.

But to remove had to delete the smart apps that used them.

I live in New York, USA and power failures are rare, but it seems like when there is a power outage, after power returns, one or more zwave devices are no longer accessible from smart things unless I exclude and repair.

Well technically you can include an already included device without excluding first and it will fix its routes, but we don’t support that very well yet. If you go into include mode and hit the button on the device you should see a zwjoin event in the hub events list on graph, but the device won’t show up in the app because it’s already in the system.



I think I do remember that I might have done this in the past and that time it worked like you describe.

But that is not what happened this time. Including it caused it to be added new and left the old entry. This was a wired GE dimmer switch, the latest generation that starts with a 1, not the older generation that starts with a 4.

Both the devices that were no longer being communicated to by the HUB needed to be removed and re-added.

If it got added new that means it got reset/forgot its network info somehow. Maybe a power surge zapped its memory. You can manually go into the web ui and switch the deviceNetworkId values around to connect the old cloud record with the device’s new ID.

Oh, in the future I will try that. Hmm. I was wondering if the power outage did something to the device, but they should all have static ram or whatever it is called and they should not loose there info, correct?

You should also be able to do a Z wave replace. That way you don’t have to change any of the smart apps.

Zigbee devices each have their own unique ID, but in Z wave, the network ID is signed by the network controller at the time of pairing.

So the replace utility is intended to let you remove a defective device and replace it with another of the exact same features and the network controller will give the new device the same ID as the old device so you don’t have to change any of your code.

You can also use this to rejoin an existing device which for one reason or another has gotten flaky and see if it helps.

Just another option to consider.


I did try the replace, but it was not completing. Maybe I did not wait long enough? How long should I have to wait for this operation to complete?

Did you get error messages?

I think the replace is broken. I had two failed devices that I tried to replace and after 10 unsuccessful attempts, I then tried to exclude them and that didn’t work. I had to have support remove the devices but ever since this incident, I am no longer able to run repairs. It fails with err 101 zwave is not responsive. Arghhh. First time ever, in 2 years…

The process doesn’t take longer than a regular inclusion. I have done successfully several times in the past. It is a two step process. First the device is deemed failed, then you can replace it. It seems like the time out for unresponsive device to be marked failed is just not working. @duncan, any thoughts?

So I have joined the club of zwave repair failure. See here why.

But what if I do an include and then an exclude, would I be able to get rid of them?

I’ve had devices become unresponsive and refuse to start back working at all.

This is what I usually do.

Exclude the device with a Minimote.
Then one of two ways usually works

1- go to add a device and let it get added back. Sometimes this just adds it as a new device where I have to change it out with the old ghost device in all of the apps, then delete the ghost. And sometimes it just adds it right back to it’s old location. This second one almost always occurs with a zigbee device.

2- go to replace device (zwave only) and wait for it to fail, then tap replace, and then add the device. It almost always go right back to where it is supposed to.

But the key here, is the Minimote exclusion.

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Here is my solution!

I’m not sure if it was the last iOS app update or the last Hub firmware update, but Repair Z-Wave Network doesn’t seem to work at all any more. Has anyone else noticed this? Is there something I can do about it? I have a bunch of Aeoteck Smart Switch 6 Gen5’s, one Aeoteck Energy Monitor switch, and several GE 2 & 3-way dimmers. The Repair function has always worked in the past, but now it’s failing.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.