Rule machine - as per the app developer, this app is no longer available for new installs, distribution, or support

That is/was my understanding of ST’s intentions yes.
I wouldn’t spend any time poking them on this, I’m sure they’re busy, particularly if it’s not going as intended.
It’s been like this for a month or more, another few hours or day for that matter isn’t going to kill anyone.
I would not repair any rules that you have until after it’s announced, unless you actually enjoy doing that over and over…


Well, it is an automation system… We note automatically check our system constantly, along with a plethora of other painfully trained automations.

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Yea, I know…, I’ve told the wife and my self that it’s too pear shaped right now to spend any time chasing my tail around…, I have a cat for that and no intentions of joining her chosen activity.


People on the Titanic jumped ship too…hoping to have better chances of being saved but they all ended up in the same place as no rescuers showed up. Still hope that ST avoids the iceberg!

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Rule Machine Withdrawn

I want to cry. Long Live Rule Machine! :slight_smile:

Hey @Mike_Maxwell did you see this? Is the puzzle of the day…What do you think?

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No freaking clue what that’s about…

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Same with me…everyone I recommended ST too, I told them to go and get Rule Machine right away. My house would not be anywhere near as automated as it is, without Rule Machine and the 53 rules that I have running it.

Thanks @bravenel for all of your work and dedication to this - you made ST have endless possibilities. Please let us know if you decide to do anything in the future with some other home automation - my money is invested in Zwave and ZigBee…I would be more than happy to follow you to another Zwave hub!



AGREE 100% - Well Said!


This right here can not be overstated. Bruce’s dedication to this was second to none, and it showed in the product.


I understand why @bravenel has chosen to remove Rule Machine. I support Bruce’s decision. SmartThings is at a cross roads. They need to embrace community code entered into the IDE and support their customers properly or remove the IDE from normal users accounts.

Dedicating a few full time support people to help debug and work out coding issues and not blame or shame community code should be done ASAP.

There needs to be a proper marketplace and proper recognition for the community developers and remove the artificial walls of submitting apps in order to be supported.

A reputation based system should be used, and if it had been in place, Bruce’s Rule Machine would have been the most trusted most widely used app in such marketplace. Instead, its now gone and we have a huge hole in its place.

SmartThings needs to wake up and make changes ASAP to how they support end users and the IDE and stop blaming community code and start embracing it as the one thing that makes SmartThings better then the rest. Period, end of story.


@pstuart I really enjoyed what you said on the last developer call about this very topic. For those who are interested it’s here:

The good news is, the developer advocates are listening. I really appreciate that. The bad news is, it’s getting late…

I sincerely hope that ST can bring more engineering assets online fast enough to make a difference before “midnight”.


Not that the rest of this isn’t interesting (it is), but do you have a timestamp for where @pstuart made his comments?

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While not disparaging Rule Machine; I’m pretty certain that SmartTiles has a significantly higher number of users. Of course, the two apps are in completely different categories, so it’s not a competition. And Rule Machine reached its level of popularity very quickly! … and the iteration rate for features was also incredible!

I just bring this up for general context and accuracy. SmartTiles maintains basic usage data (anonymized, non-traceable to SmartThings Accounts). We know our approximate growth and abandonment rates. I can only estimate RM’s by the GitHub click rate on these Topics.

SmartTiles, meanwhile, is actively working on getting into the “Marketplace”; figured we might as well try to follow the (sub-optimal, but improving…) process that is provided to us.

He made different, awesome points repeatedly and passionately throughout the video. If you open the video in YouTube, you can look for his face in the preview. He’s on at 5:20 to start.


Thanks. I want to see things get better. Things need to change ASAP.



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Can we close this Topic, then? Please? 4225 posts is plenty… :no_mouth:

Why?, this is epic. What purpose would be served by closing it?


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