Z-Wave Repair - Blows Switches?

Has anyone noticed, the Z-Wave repair blows the Jabsco (GE) Z-Wave switches. It’s very odd. I have 94 Z-Wave devices (all GE Outlets or Switches - minus a couple odds and ends). For the most part, the devices have worked pretty well for nearly three years (new house).

About a year ago, I installed two new GE Z-Wave outlets and kicked off a “Z-Wave Repair”. I noticed a device in my master bath “could not update route”. Upon inspection, the switch had the dreaded “blinking blue LED” and was fried. I bought another. A few months later, I kicked off another “Z-Wave Repair” and a switch which runs my under-counter lights “blew”. (All of these switches were working fine just prior to the repair). This one I sent to Jabsco and they replaced.

Today I just wrapped up a triple install in two spots (six switches - 2x Single, 2x Dimmer, 2x Fan). I kicked off a “Z-Wave Repair” to update the installs and now I lost a switch in my basement bathroom - immediately after the Z-Wave repair. Switch was working just fine 10 minutes prior.

Oddly, they only seem to be “Single Pole - non-Dimmer” switches that fail.

But I am curious - is there something resource intensive that “blows” switches during the Z-Wave Network Repair?

Edit: I have never lost a switch any other way…

Are you sure the problem was not caused by turning the power on and off to make your changes. Jasco switches have been known to die from the surge when the power is restored.

Contact Jasco customer service by phone. They usually replace the switch if it is less than 5 yrs. old.

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I suppose it may be power - however…

The areas I shut power off are unrelated to the area where the switches “blow”. Actually, in every past case, I didn’t kill the power to the switches that “blew” - they were on other circuits.

Also, in this most recent case (the bathroom)… I was just in there with the light on - came back to my desk - kicked off a Z-Wave Repair and “poof” - it’s gone. This time, no blinking LED, but the switch is definitely dead.

I just find the timing of all this very curious.

In any case contact Jasco customer service.

Appreciate it. It was this advice that got my last switch replaced under warranty.

But I am also still curious if anyone else has seen this happen during the repair process or if anyone is familiar with how the repair process works - for example, does it kick off a large Z-Wave Radio burst or something?

No special radio burst or anything like that. All a zwave repair does is the hub will request that individual devices report their current route, it will calculate the most efficient new routes, and send those back to the Devices. It should not put any more strain on any individual device than any other network command. And since the GE switches have been very popular since the beginning of smartthings, I am sure there have been literally thousands of customers running thousands of repairs without the issue of the devices dying.

I agree with the advice to get in touch with Jasco, it does sound like something odd is going on. :thinking:

Same - I bet money OP took a surge. @Cory_Booth, do you have whole home surge suppression? If not - install it or get used to losing a lot more of these.

…and in case nobody mentioned it - call Jasco. :slight_smile:

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