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GE Z-Wave Switch Stopped Working - Blinking Blue Light on device


Hi All - I’m having an issue with one of my GE Z-Wave switches. Today I had noticed that the blue indicator light is blinking and it is preventing me from turning on the light manual or through the smart app. So far I have tried to reset the breaker, pull the air gap and to exclude it from the network. I wasn’t able to exclude it as it seems the hub is not even communicating with it. When I try to do a z-wave repair, I get “Network repair for Basement Foyer [XX]: Failed to update route.”

Oh one last thing I noticed was odd. In the IDE it shows up that the device is Offline.

Anyone run into this and have anything they could suggest? Thank you.


Oh just one last thing I tried, I reboot the hub and it now says the device is online but the issue still exists.

32minutes later… It actually now appears offline again.



This is not a SmartThings issue. Your switch has died. Don’t exclude it because after you replace the device you can do a Replace in the mobile app. That will save you a lot of work having to rebuild any automations you may have that’s using that switch.

(Dennis) #4

What do you mean “it died”? This just happened to almost every switch in my house. Do I physically have to replace all of them?


For some of my switches, “dead” really meant dead. No LED no power, nothing. For the rest, they absolutely would not join. These older models have been known to die off after a couple/three years.

Sounds like to me that you have something else going on if that many switches are having problems. I’d recommend you contact support, reboot your hub, or look for a misbehaving device in your zwave mesh.


So I actually contacted Jasco and they had me return my switch at Lowes. It was indeed dead and there was no way to get it working again.

(Rick S) #7

Hey all,

I have a GE switch that appears to have kicked the bucket as well. About a year old, maybe a bit more. No blue light, flipping the breaker, pulling the air gap… nothing works. I checked the bulbs and they are good so I guess, it just died

Bummer :frowning:


(Jerry Reeves) #8

Just had the same issue with two ZW4005 ver 3.0e ON/OFF Switches. They became unresponsive after the power company interrupted the power at the transformer. I was not able to recover them. I had installed these switches for customer in March 2016.

I bought two new switches with the Zwave+ features to get my customer back up and running.

Just contacted Jasco and there were no replacement options for the switches being that they were beyond the 2 year warranty. That was a bit disappointing considering how many people have had similar issues.

Good luck!