Z wave GE switches no power

I have 3 ge wall switches in my network. I installed them about four or five years ago. A few months ago two of the switches which are next to each other stopped working completely. In other words, i can’t manually turn on the light or fan they control, even with the switch. Today i turned off my main power and my generator kicked on a few seconds later. A third switch in my network now has also failed. This appeared to happen when i cut main power to my house. the physical switch will not power on the device just like the other devices. I find it hard to believe all three of these devices are fried. Is there a troubleshooting step i am not doing? I tried flipping breakers off and on while the hub was running. I checked the wiring in at least one of the devices. Suggestions? Sorry for grammar, cell phone key pad.

This is a know problem with older GE/Jasco switches. They die after the power is shut off and turned back on.
Contact Jasco customer service. If they are less than 5 years old they will replace them for free.

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Thank you i will do that

To confirm @Paul_Oliver, the switches all have a 4 digit date code sticker on them. The 17XX ones seem to be very problematic and prone to early failure (GE Jasco has never admitted to this and that statement is only based on my personal experience and what I have gathered from this and other HA communities). They have warranty replaced 30-40 switches of this 2017 vintage in my home.