Z wave blinds showing different status

Just installed bali z wave blinds. However some are showing as Off while others show as On in smarthings when they are in the same position. Is there any way to get them all updated to match?

Try doing a Z-Wave repair on your network, also make sure that your blinds are no more than 25 ft from the nearest repeater or hub. Did you check your IDE Live Logging to see the communication is good?

Everything is still working. The problem is that if I turn “on” 2 of the 3 blinds, only 2 will fully open. In order to get the 3rd to open, I need to turn it “off”. The positions seem to be opposite.

What happens when you press the up/down buttons on the remote. Sounds like reversing the motor direction will have that fixed.

Up down on the actual remote works fine. It’s just in smartthings that some are showing/moving in opposite directions

What DH do you have on them? Are they all the same?

All are set up as a generic dimmer switch

Interesting… well if you want ST to control it the right way you can reverse the motor directions and live with a remote that works the opposite way… or you can also try a complete shade reset if you absolutely need to (but it involves resetting everything including the upper and lower limits and you really don’t want to do that unless you have to.)

To reverse directions: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=akyaRLQfrjQ&feature=youtu.be
To reset the shade: To reset the shade, press and hold the button on the headrail. The button will flash green and eventually flash red. Once it cycles through all the colors and stops, the shade is reset. To double check simply tap the button and the shade will only move around 3 inches up or down.
Notes to consider: When resetting the shade, its recommended to have the shade in a halfway open/close position vs fully open or fully closed; this makes things a lot easier to trouble shoot. Also when resetting a shade, you will have to repair the remote to the shade and set the upper and lower limits again.

For additional info:

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