Pairing Zebra Blinds + Enabling Remote Operation - FAIL!

I have Zebra/Graber Z-Wave shades that operate fine with the remote. I followed the instructions here, to pair the blinds with Smartthings…

After several attempts, the shades finally paired under the name “Spring Blinds”. I could control the shades from within the Smartthings app.

I then worked to pair the remote to Smartthings. Again, it took several attempts but finally paired. In the process, the “Spring Blinds” mysteriously went AWOL. I had a “Thing” listed for the Spring Remote, but that also vanished.

I then attempted to pair the remote back to the shades, following the instructions precisely. It will never pair…never jog. The remote ultimately flashes red.

Now, neither Smartthings, nor the remote, will work. I’m pulling my hair out here.

This is one of two Z-Wave shades. The other requires getting up on an extension ladder to 14’ off the stairwell landing. I can do it, but I’m 68 and not wanting to mess with this more than I have to. What am I doing wrong??

Thank you for any help!

@ZebraBlinds. Neil. Remote/shade install assist…

It is indeed a pain to get the shade paired to ST then pair the remote to ST then pair the shade to the remote. It does work it just needs the exact right steps. I went through mine 5-6 times the first time before i got it right. Neil had a video and some docs I followed that helped immensely when I did mine but that was a few years ago now and honestly I forgot the exact process.


It’s been terribly frustrating. I’m at a place now where I can get the remote to pair with the shade, but pressing the UP button only creates the slightest jog…likewise for the Down button.

The shades are totally inoperable now :frowning:

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you accidentally reset the stops on the shade while doing the button presses. Look in the manual for the procedure to reset the stops. …ask me how I know that. :slight_smile:

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Follow the instructions on Page 30 to add a shade to ST. You need to follow both the shade and remote portions. On ST you would be searching for Springs Window Fashions and selecting the shade device type. Once ST is in pairing mode you would add both the shade and remote to ST following the instructions I linked and then pair the remote back to the shade.

Now if you reset your shade’s limits, refer to page 12 and then page 15 to set the upper and lower limits

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Thanks for the replies! I got the remote working properly again. This is the third time I’ve attempted this…always with the same result. I’ll get through to the point of pairing the remote back to the shade, and then everything falls apart. With the PDF, I’ll be able to print just the specific instruction pages needed, rather than thumbing back and forth through the booklet. Maybe that’s where I’m getting lost? Thank you, again!

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Awesome - glad you got it sorted. I dread ever having to swap hubs SPECIFICALLY because of these First, I’ll have to FIND all my remotes then three of my shades are 16 ft off the ground… :frowning:

“…then three of my shades are 16 ft off the ground…”

Yikes! I only have one shade 14 ft up!!

I’m going to tread slowly before attempting to pair these with Smartthings again. Don’t want to go through yet another 2 day recovery ordeal!

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