Recent Problems Pairing Bali Blinds-Edge?

I previously had installed Bali blinds and the ST process was fairly easy (The Springs window remote and adjustment process was not). I accidently reset the blind, which erased its presence (and the routine programming) in ST. Now when I follow the instructions, the blind does not pair, but the remote does. I tried both generic Z wave and the Bali specific driver. The odd thing is that remote appears to be using an edge driver (says edge under the three dots and in the IDE says undefined? under type), even though I’m not signed up for the beta. Is anyone running into recent issues re-paring Bali blinds?

The Bali remote is one of the few devices so far that has been released to public channel for Edge drivers. Did you perform a z-wave exclusion on the blind?

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Yes, I accidently fully re-set it. And then reset it again before trying to add it in. I was not sure how to Exclude the remote, so just removed it via the IDE. Do you think the Edge driver is having issues?

I thought the remote was working fine?

I would try a exclusion on the blinds in addition to the reset. You need to look at the manual for the blinds to find out how to put them in exclusion mode (usually its the same as pairing). you’ll also need to put SmartThings in exclusion mode. Here’s the instructions for it.

Jimmy, if these are the Bali ZWave blinds then they use the Somfy Zwave motor which has been Zwave Plus for A LONG time. (read: the reset he did that accidentally hosed the remote - also umpaired the blinds as far as the blinds are concerned. I have 10 of these.)

@homeagain do you happen to have any custom DTHs loaded for Springs Window Fashion blinds, or ZWave Blinds?
Question 2 -when you accidentally reset them, did the blind disappear from the mobile app? What about the IDE?

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Yes, the blind reset was a full reset- the blind limits, connection to blind remote and the connection to ST were all broken.

So I lost the ST pairing, the routine programming, and the device no longer shows up in either the IDE or on the app.

I checked my custom DHs and I don’t have any for the blinds.

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Forgot to mention the remote is fine, although all it really reports is the battery level. And I’m guessing from how the pairing works is that it is re-created each time, even if the blind is not created.

Is it possible to try the old driver? Or is it beyond the point of no return?

Fixed the mounting issue (which is what was the reason this got res-set), and even though the limtis were not set correctly, repaired and vola!

No remote pair, but the blind paired, and it is with the older driver. I’m not going to press my luck and try to fix the other things. These are definitely finnicky.