Setting up Bali shades for new owner

We just moved into a new home which has Bali z wave cellular shades. The previous owners had them connected to a SmartThings hub, but we had to factory reset this to get it in our name and account. How can I re-pair (“include”? New to this!) the blinds to the hub?

From what I’m reading I may need to factory reset the blinds as well in order to get them to “forget” the old system…is this correct? I tried to pair directly but the SmartThings app couldn’t find them when I pressed the reset button until green light flashed.

try a z-wave exclusion on the blinds. Open your hub tile in the ST app, tap on the 3 dots in the upper right, select Settings and z-wave utilities. once you put the hub into exclusion, perform the tasks needed on the blinds to complete the process. Then try to pair them. If still having a problem with connecting them, read the next post and provide model .

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A new house is always exciting, and the Bali shades are very popular. Hopefully it won’t be too difficult to get them set up.

To begin with, the first rule of home automation applies: “the model number matters.“ So we need the model number of the controller for the shade. it should be on the controller itself, usually on a label with the FCC license number.

Note that we need the model number of the shade motor, not the remote.

Here’s an example of the label that you’re looking for:

Hmm … the previous owners did not use a remote with the shades. I assume that’s what you mean by a the “controller”? As far as the motor itself, I’m not seeing any information on the visible part of the blinds. Will I have to pull them off the window to find this code?

Sorry, no, by controller I meant the motor device that physically moves the shades. If you don’t know what the model number is, there will be a label on that device somewhere. Sometimes you can see it without removing it from the wall, sometimes not, but I understand not wanting to remove it if you don’t have to.

I don’t suppose the Homeseller specified the model number in the sales contract for the house?

The only reason I’m asking this is because zwave has a security feature where when you either add a device to a network or clear the information from its old network you have to physically do something with the device itself. ( so it can’t be hacked without actual physical access to the device.)

Usually that’s like a button press pattern or turning it on and off or something. But different models will have different patterns. So that’s why I was asking.

The information that @jkp gave you is for what you do from the smartthings side. But you still have to do something physically with the shade device. So, if you know the model number, it will be easier for us to find the exact process you need to clear the old network information and then add the new. :thinking:

Got it! I did snap this picture before I left for the day. They appear to be one of the cellular shade models with z-wave integrated. There is a reset button on the front right that I was able to press to get the green light to flash. Next time I’m up at the property I can see if I can remove one of the shades to get more information if needed.

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