Yale Conexis L1 Z-Wave on Smart Things

(Ahmed) #1

I’ve had my Yale Conexis L1 with the Z-wave v2 module installed for just over a month. It’s been working great until few days ago I was getting random status changes on the lock. The status was changing to unlocked but it wasnt actually unlocked. And today it happened again and all of a sudden it has sent a battery status update saying battery is at 1% but the Yale App isn’t reporting the battery as low.

Can this really be a battery issue? Why hasn’t the Z-wave module sent battery status updates until now. Battery has been at 100% from the day i installed it and it never updated til now where it is reporting it as 1%

(Simon) #2

Had mine in for 3 weeks now. Battery 83% and no real issues. I do get the occasional “state unknown”, but otherwise all good. My lock is very close to the hub though.

(Ahmed) #3

Since you installed your lock, how many battery level information has the lock sent to your hub? Mine hasn’t sent a single battery level update and has been stuck at 100% and now it’s reporting 1% I don’t even mind the battery dying quicker than usual but I would prefer to be able to monitor when it starts going down. All this time it’s telling me 100% and now it’s saying 1%

(Simon) #4

A few times. Actually I just sent one in the last few mins.

(Ahmed) #5

That’s really strange because mine is just not sending battery status updates at all. It appears the battery is definitely low because I opened the Yale app it was showing 100% then I unlocked with Yale app and it updated on the Yale app as low battery too and the motor sounds very weak so battery definitely low. I’ve changed with new batteries but the battery status still has not updated. Anyone know why it’s not sending battery updates?

Can low battery cause these random unlock status that I’ve been experiencing?

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Try to reset your lock (see lock manual), some of the z-wave modules have an issue and stop reporting battery levels. Reset helps.

BTW the 1% isn’t reported by the lock, the lock would report 0xFF likely which is then shown as 1% by the DTH. See this posts for more details:

(Ahmed) #7

I spoke to Yale. They say they are suspecting the z-wave module. I have the v2 z-wave module. They’ve posted out a new z-wave v2 module for me. They said it’s the latest version of the v2. So l guess I have to wait and see. Since I changed the batteries on Friday, ST still isn’t getting an updated battery information.

(Ahmed) #8

@siwilson which version of the z-wave module are you using? v1 or v2?

(Ahmed) #9

I’ve replaced the z-wave v2 module with the warranty replacement that Yale sent me. I excluded the old one and then added the new one. At first when i installed it, I got the latest battery info but it’s been a day and I haven’t had any battery information showing up in the history of the lock. Can someone who has similar check their lock history and see roughly how often you get battery information sent to the hub?

(Simon) #10

Not very often at all. I had to replace the batteries this week as the lock was playing a tune. At that point I got a report of 100%. That was 24 hours ago and nothing since.