Yale Deadbolt BL1 Battery Percentage at 1% at Randon

I’ve got issues with 3 Yale BL1 deadbolts. At random times, each has reported 1% battery levels. Eventually they’ll report correctly. Sometimes I can trigger it by refreshing the status rapidly.

That would indicate the battery likely needs to be changed. What type of battery are you using, alkaline or rechargeables?

Depending on the quality of the battery/chemistry the voltage can fluctuate based on the load on the battery. E.g. if the deadbolt is moving, the motor draws a large current which can temporarily cause the battery voltage to drop and if it’s below the threshold it could even cause the lock to shutdown totally.

One the load reduces, the battery voltage recovers and its reports a higher % (but the capacity is still diminished). This it more pronounced in not so great quality batteries and rechargeable batteries like NiCD or NiMH.

So to be safe, when you see if it’s better to change the battery. Alkaline’s or Lithium 1.5v are the best.