Yale Z-wave module 2 / yale conexis lock ,device handler?

Hi all
so bought the lock ,and 3 zwave module 2’s
have another yale lock ,but unconfident to fit until these issue are sorted ,
have spoke to yale ,they have said its a smartthings issue ,

tried smartthings live chat ,
was 1 in the queue ,then was directed to a 404 page , then informed there was no live chat available !

so short version
apparently version one had battery draining issues ,when module 2 was available took the plunge

so i found it easy to pair ,
but going through 4 x aa’s about every 7days ,3rd set atm
smartthings losses the status of the lock even when using smartthings to lock and unlock ,
SHM usually shows the lock unlocked ( using classic app ) when i leave and manually lock ,

hub is 2.5- 3mtrs away from the lock
all other z-wave /zigbee seem fine
when using the module 2 there is no history in the yale app and also no battery info

yale support has said its a smartthings issue with the hub polling the module 2 ,too much and causing the battery drain issue , and also causing the yale app to display correct battery info and history

smartthings support was unavailable to comment !

to me , it looks like a device handler issue , has there been any new ones , is there plans for any ?
got over £120 tied up in 3 bits of useless blue plastic

cheers in advance

Which model Yale lock? Which device handler are you using?

@RBoy recommends using a repeater between locks and hub :slight_smile:

FAQ: why would I need another beaming repeater if my zwave lock is already close to my hub?

hi its the conaxis l1 , blue module 2 ,
and the hub is 3 mtrs away maybe less , moved it to get more coverage of the garden ,
took out the module , using stand alone and it lasted 9 days !
even the 9v battery wouldn’t open it
so playing russian roulette in seeing if i can access my first flat !

You have to keep the 9v battery connected for about 10 minutes before trying to operate it.

its was quicker getting a ladder and climbing through the window !
even at 3am

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