Yale Conexis L1 Issues (UK)

I have three Yale Conexis L2 locks. Two have really poor battery life. These tao are on firmware version 0.f.0. The third lock has no battery issues and is on firmware version 1.0.0. This is lock firmware NOT Wave module firmware.

Second observation. The two locks on firmware 0.f.0 are reporting the lock status every 30 minutes, the newer firmware lock only reports the lock status when it is locked and unlocked (which seems the obvious way to do it). All three report battery state every 24 Hours or so.

Yale say that they think this is a smarting issue, but I think it is a Yale issue - Can anyone help?

You need to search the forums before posting, there is already a post about this exact issue and it’s a Yale issue - their module was faulty and are replacing them.

Run a quick search and you find it (I would link to it but I’m on mobile and it’s a PITA to do)

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To follow up on @kraegd note here you go:

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This is with the replaced module! Direct from Yale 3 days ago.

Sounds like you’ve got a faulty replacement for your faulty module - others are reporting good results with the new module.

Maybe another message to Yale might get your problems sorted, I wouldn’t be convinced it’s a SmartThings issue - else nobody would be saying the new modules make a difference (plus Yale would never have made a new module in the first place)

Failing that, try removing it from SmartThings comepltly and run with it like that for a few days/weeks and see if the issues keep happening, that way you’ve narrowed it down slightly?

Sorry not much help, but maybe someone in the thread @RBoy linked too can help :slight_smile:

Is it the lock firmware or the module firmware?

Try doing a full factory lock reset once. Sometimes it helps.