Yale Real Living Z-Wave - One Working, One Weird

(Chris C.) #1

I bought two Yale Real Living Z-Wave locks today.
They are very nicely made, with a touch screen and voice prompts.

After installing I noticed that one of them is not giving the battery status and one is.
I did some searching (here and on the net) and found that the older versions of the Z-Wave module might not have supported this information. I then went back and checked both of my locks and they are using the exact same Z-Wave module (version stamped on a sticker).

I tried to exclude and re-include the one that was having problems, but this did not seem to help whatsoever.
The lock is working, accepting commands and the status is updating properly and quickly. It’s just the battery level that is missing (just --'s in ST preferences).

It’s not a super big deal, but It has me scratching my head because I don’t see any difference between these two devices. I like using the Low Battery Notification APP to keep an eye on battery devices, but for this lock I can’t use it.

Has anyone else experienced this issue with Yale? Do you think I should call Assa Abloy or would this be a waste of my time?



(Zack Stark) #2

I don’t own one, but did you happen to get the keyed or the non-keyed version?

(Chris C.) #3

I got one of each.
Keyed for front door, non keyed for back door.
It is the non-keyed one that is not reporting battery status.

(Chris C.) #4

ok so now all of a sudden the battery level is working. Weird.