Yale ZWave2 bad battery life


I’m expecting very bad battery life (max around week) when ZWave2 is connected to SmartThings (I have no Alexa activated). Battery issue is always same - first battery is stable at around 88% (all days no change) after that drops to 1%.

Smarthing hub is 1m from lock.

I do have Conexis L1 lock (lock fw 1.2), a ZWave2 module - fw 33.16.

Module was recently shipped from Yale (to solve fw problems) - and problems are still there.

Can you let me know what is latest ZWave2 firmware - did Yale ship me module with latest firmware?

How can I troubleshoot this?

Regards Chris

It could’ve a bad chip or a few other things. Things to check:

  1. You can try to exclude, reset the module and then pair it. That solves the issues for some folks
  2. Check the activity log and the IDE Live Logging and see if there is constant excessive communications from the lock. If it’s lasting a week you should activity every few seconds over zwave. It normal to see activity once or twice and hour.
  3. Try a different zwave module