Windows 10 App?

What is the best way to control devices from Windows 10? I see a phone app but not a Windows app.


As far as device control, I think
.Smarttiles Is about the only viable option

I actually run an Android emulator on Windows 10 and then install the app there.

Smartiles in a Chrome browser is the best bet on Windows. I don’t want SmartThings spending any time on new apps until they can make an Android mobile app that doesn’t crash every couple minutes.

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I think a universal windows app would be great. I know the windows 10 mobile user base might be limited, but the desktop users are not. And just enabling it for windows 10 mobile users like myself would solve the issue of maintaining two apps.

The windows support is the main reason I bought into SmartThings in the first place, and if the support for the 3rd ecosystem goes away I would have to look elsewhere. Here’s to hoping the UWA platform Microsoft rolled out is enough to keep development going for the new expanded platform. Can’t wait to use voice control on my xbox to turn down my lights.


I’m in the same boat as you are. Had to decide between this and Insteon and now here I am waiting on an update to the Smartthings app for my WM10. Cortana integration would me awesome.


smarttiles makes it usable for now, but with the state of the wp app I don’t see myself investing much beyond the hub till I see a WUA.

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Just think about it, if they did a proper UWA, it could even work on all Widnows 10 PC’s too. Who would’ve thought people may actually want a desktop client to manage their smartthings hub too. Seems like a painless no brainer to me. The who reason I haven’t switched to windows phone yet is that this is one of those stubborn apps that hasn’t been updated properly yet.


the thing is that with the new porting feature microsoft has added, bringing either the android or ios app to windows should be almost trivial

easier yes…trivial no! it is still a big job to port code via Xamarin, admittedly not as big a job as manually porting, but still a big undertaking nevertheless.

the best experience i have found so far satisfying my need to program my things on windows is to use the Android Emulator which is packaged with visual Studio 2015 Community edition, doesn’t come with the bloatware that other android emulators come with (unless you class Visual studio as such :slight_smile: dont need to install it though)

Wow. There’s nothing new. Disappointing.

This needs to happen. I understand Windows is a substantially smaller platform compared to the other big two but for SmartThings, I would think it’d be smart for them to update their app for the Windows platform and/or create a new Windows Mobile 10 Universal App.


Well, there are now 350+ million Windows 10 devices out there. I’d definitely want the app on my PC.


I would be happier using my PC for CoRE and other smartapps.


I would MUCH rather set up my HA on a large screen, rather than endlessly swiping around on a tiny one.


and a Xbox One app with Cortana controls would be pretty sweet too


Home Remote app works just great. you just need to add the auth code into the Hub and itll link afterwards… check it out

Dlee Thats your phone not the app thats messed up. I’ve never had issues with the app. The app is central to the hub working and doing what you want it to do! If it didnt work, then the Hub would have been moot to purchase. So check your phne for issues before bashing an app like that.

Um, that post is a year old. They fixed the Android app crashes soon after.

Me too. But come on now. This is a company with a product that is barely functional for what it is being marketed for. I think this is a lot to ask.

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