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PC Interface? (Is there one?)

(Carl) #1

Newbie here.

Just wondering. I have just ordered my SmartThings Hub. I have some existing Z-Wave devices (Lights, Switches, Dimmers, Thermostat, Door Lock, Sensors etc…) and up to now have controlled them via Aeon Labs Z-Stick and PC Software called “InControl HA Server” Recently renamed to “Axial”.

This software is configured via PC but has an iPhone app for access, Control and Monitoring etc…

Is there a PC App to access the SmartThings Hub? Or is everything done only via the Apps?

Thanks in advance


(Jimmy) #2

Mostly through the app. There is a website used for loading custom code that can also be used to check on things and change come more sensitive settings.

(Carl) #3

Thanks for the quick response. Now just have to wait for my hub to arrive :slight_smile:


You could also use SmartTiles if you just want a quick and easy way to control lights and see the status of devices. Many of us use old phones/tablets with this smartapp around our house. It’s basically a web interface for simple control, works pretty well if that is what you are looking for. :slight_smile:

You can get more info here:

(Carl) #5


That’s not exactly it though. I think I am just used to having a full keyboard and mouse at my disposal when I was configuring InControl / Axial. I actually have an iPhone 6s so I am sure the app will be adequate. But I still find that if I can do something on the PC and it is in proximity I generally prefer to do it there, (For configuring etc… Not for the actual controlling), rather than on the small soft keyboard on the iPhone.


(Steve) #6

I was wondering the same; I don’t understand why there isn’t a laptop interface that we can use . . . my Arlo Pro system permits for both (via Smart Phone or Laptop); I’m just bewildered that we dont’ have the same capacity w/ these SmartThings products . . . very disappointing . . .

(John) #7

just adding my 2 cents

I too would like to configure smart things from a laptop rather then a phone screen

(Never Trust @bamarayne) #8

You have a few choices, SmartThing is not likely to create a App for the PC.

  1. You can use Bluestacks or other Android Emulator and run SmartThings within it. It works well enough. I used this extensively to do mass migrations.
  2. You can use Webcore for a great amount of your automation - this gives you a web interface for a great amount of the in depth configuraitons.
  3. Hopefully ST offers a web interface or Restful API in the future that allows anyone to create a controlling app.
  4. And of course your right and I am ashamed I forgot ActionTiles initially.

(John) #9

thanks, will take a look at Webcore, found ActionTiles, but that was more like a front end after everything configured

(John) #10

thanks, webcore definitely makes this a better system and can do in a browser, perfect

(James) #11

Not exactly an interface however this may be partially relevant.

(Michael) #12

I’ve been using Cortana on a speaker, laptop, and PC to turn off lights and run routines for months from all over the house. this is just the first stab, with each update (two a year) to Win 10 it’s only going to get better.

(Jeff H) #13

Happy with ST, but yes I wish it had a ST web browser interface that looks just like and works just like the ST mobile app, similar to what I had with Staples Connect.


With the exception of creating Routines and Lighting Automation rules, and the occasional visit to add/discover new devices, their is nothing friendly or pretty with the ST Mobile app UI.

If you want a browser based application that allows you to view and control all of your ST devices, why not look at ActionTiles? It has a 2 week trial that you can play with.

I have 5 Panels in my setup that let’s me walk through my Main Page and Nest Cameras (shown below), Lighting, Music, Misc.

(Jeff H) #15

Thank you,
Not interested in Action Tiles , interested in simply having the same exact thing in the mobile app on my computer screen in a browser.


Well, I’m afraid you aren’t going to find that.

(Never Trust @bamarayne) #17

Android Emulator.

(gold) #18

I stumbled on this when adding my wife to the new hub:


Why can’t anyone create their own ui like actiontiles? Why were those guys the only ones allowed to do so? And now they charge for it…

(Ron Talley) #20

Anyone can if you know how. There are plenty of user created dashboards with github links hosting their code.