Windows 10 App Wanted

The new android mobile app improvements are nice. Still need an app for the PC. If it will not be web browser access, then a Windows 10 app that could be downloaded from the Windows 10 app store would be great.

My tablet is the go to tool to walk around the house and include things into the system But then myself, and others, would rather sit at a PC to set up automation.


best it to download the Andy Android Simulator

then install Smartthings within

super fast on windows. the best

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I really don’t understand Smartthings decision of neglecting the Windows 10 UWP platform.
There is a tablet support now for android and iOS, why not simply port this to UWP and expand the support to 2-in-1 tablets with Windows 10?
There are almost 500 million devices running WIndows 10 and the marketshare for windows tablets is around 16% and increasing.

Maybe they can even support Windows 10 Mobile again with this ported UWP app and make us windows mobile users happy again.

Is a short vision tho look only to the mobile (smartphones) portion of users to stop supporting an entire platform.


SmartThings stance on Windows has been discussed here


why even complain
download andy

ST is super fast on it too
only downside is advertising at times by Andy
but free


I’m with you on that… I was surprised when i saw that there was no windows desktop application. Prior to using a smartthings hub i tied everything together using Homeremote it’s 3rd party but works great with the smartthings hub. There is a windows application and it runs on Xbox One as well.

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Andy Android did not install the new smartthings (incorrect version from playstore).

BlueStacks does work, is a relatively easy install, and in tablet mode I got it to display in full-screen mode - all devices on one screen. Trying to replicate full screen. New to product and a windows tablet.

I would also love to see an official windows 10 version of the app. Day one with my ST hub, I found Homeremote and tried to emulate a panel that I thought should be available out of the box. That eventually led me to ActionTiles which filled the void but I was surprised to find out early on that I would need to pay more money to toggle things from my office with a mouse. I do as much as I can from a PC since it’s just more natural for me as opposed to trying to manipulate a small screen with my sausage fingers. I’ll give Andy a try tonight but for now it’s AT or I just remote into my Nexus 10, neither being as convenient as an official app.

I wanted a quickie that required no real effort. Today, I decided on BlueStacks android emulator. Took 10 minutes to install, including installing the SmartThings app. Not perfect, but the only thing missing was the icons (i.e., fan) from the tiles.

Below is a view on my desktop.

I also tried on a tablet I just procured to use as my TP-Link bridge. It works the same, within the limits of the tablet. So, if I want, I can have a single bridge device that also acts as a stationary (on wall?) controller for smart-things (augmenting the phone and Amazon Echo).

I’ll try both Andy and BlueStacks tonight and see which one I like more. I remember using using BlueStacks a few years back but it wasn’t ready for primetime. Seems the years have helped the software mature which is excellent news. Speaking of good news, a TP-Link bridge that runs on android you say? Right now I am using your Windows bridge but I also happen to have an on-the-wall android tablet dedicated to ActionTiles control. How are you able to get the bridge working on android? If you have a topic dedicated to this I’d be happy to discuss it there.

download app via 3rd party sites

search smartthings apk and download

then have andy open and open the Apk file. installs

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That is not what I meant. I have a Windows Tablet running the bridge and the android emulator.

There are ways to install node.js (and the bridge) onto an android platform; however, you need to be an android guru to do so. There is a tutorial, but it is something I do not want to try.

Of course a “real” Windows App version of SmartThings would be great, especially if it makes configuration of Things & SmartApps easier.

But instead of just wishing for something that Samsung is not making any strides towards, we created ActionTiles as one way to start to fill the void. ActionTiles is the only official (WWST certified) web-browser compatible client for SmartThings. It has a lot of room to grow, and we appreciate our customers support in helping us to take it to higher and higher levels.

To be clear, I am not looking for an ActionTiles replacement. I love AT and use it daily, nothing beats the flexibility and the just plain fun things you can do with it. An official app on Windows 10 would be nice but lets face it, the ST app will probably never handle IP video feeds nor will it ever have the capacity for customization AT has. I do feel that SmartThings should have basic toggle abilities available via pc/web out of the box and this would cover that. Limiting that ability to phone apps still confounds me. Also, what’s wrong with a little wishing? I wished for a useful dashboard and this week we got one. :wink:

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Ahh, missed that part. Windows tablet. The windows server works very well, I was just excited at the prospect of even more ways to connect to things and was going to offer myself up as a test subject.

I’m new to the smartthings world and I’m completely befuddled that the expected experience is to interact with the smartthings hub through a smartphone 100% of the time.

Is there a place where we can voice requests for a Windows 10 app or a web based interface?

This is such a strange world these day’s my new linksys mesh router is the same.

  1. Though SmartThings staff at various levels browse this Forum, the company does not consider it to be a Feature Request channel. Instead you can mention desires to. or in Play/Apple Store / Amazon Reviews

  2. Samsung / SmartThings is overhauling their API, so in the future more functionality may be delivered by apps like ActionTiles.

  3. In the meantime, many Windows users are finding ActionTiles to be a convenient, customizable web based view & control UI for SmartThings.