Windows 10 app for Smarthings?

We use our laptops 11 to 12 hours a day and every time we have to check status of our devices we have to take out our phone ( android / apple ) from our pockets.
WHY isn’t there an app for Windows 10 ?
We ve been using Web Browser which displays statuses of all the Smartthings devices BUT when we want the desktop computers’ screen turn on when status of any device changes, there’s no way of doing it on Windows PCs.
Android has dozens of apps which wake up the tablet when it receives new notification from Smartthings, which is awesome. BUT Windows doesn’t have one. SHAMEFUL !!!


It is a shame that SmartThings withdrew support for Windows Mobile, but there’s a chance they are working on Windows 10 … they don’t share their consumer road-map.

Search :mag: the forum for “EventGhost” (a windows program that is a little obsolete but still works) if you want to hack a nifty way to send notifications to Windows and even have it react in many useful ways.

To view and control your Things from any browser (including Windows desktop browsers), please consider trying ActionTiles web based UI for SmartThings. (One of our Feature Requests is to add Notifications & Alerts support, but we don’t publish a roadmap either.)

…or run an Android emulator on your laptop…

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Or use the built-in Cortana assistant which has support for SmartThings :slight_smile:

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