Will iOS 1.8.3 & ST app slowness EVER get fixed?

It has been weeks now that iOS app is extremely slow and most of the time you have to force kill the app and relaunch the app to get this back to what is expected. I was informed by support there is some kind of memory leak. Hmm! Will this issue ever get fixed? This definitely warrants it’s own thread.


Now I get a text after 40 some minutes that garage door is closed.

I think support might be back logged. I have had a request in for a month and every time I re-enquire about it I get ignored. It’s VERY frustrating.
I have noticed the slowness too but really don’t go into the app very often. I do use pushbullet for most of my notifications so can’t really comment about the sms slowness, sorry.
You deserve at least an update if nothing else!

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I love support and they have been very accomaditing.i love ST from the bottom of my heart. When thiNgs which should be the priority gets back logged… It gives me second thoughts… Please do not take it as anything against ST and very very accomaditing! But for these widespread issues, some immediate actions are warranted and SOON.

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I could not agree with you more. I have praised support many many times and I still think they are great but when you get ignored its gets frustrating. My issue is not a big one so I have not been really worried about it but would have liked a response at least.
Your issue is far more important than mine :smile:
I am still a SmartThings fanboy though!!

It’s really beginning to seem like ST has stalled.

We’ve been told they’ve been hiring people left and right, but support still pushes off requests, the platform has become less stable, and their engagement with the community has slowed way down.


Perhaps they should halt all sales and marketing until they can “catch up”?

I’m quite serious, actually.

It’s unfair to new Customers to be sold a system with significant stability issues and insufficient support resources, especially if a new architecture / product is on the horizon (Hub V2).

It would be a show of goodwill to focus energy on existing customers before acquiring any more. If, indeed, this is a short term hiccup, then a slight pause in sales (and marketing) will not have a negative impact. It would halt further reputation damage.


Yeah I agree. I am tearing my system out of our house because we are moving next month. I am not sure if I’ll be setting it back up. It has taken up far more of my time troubleshooting than it has ever saved me in convenience when it works.


As of now I would never think of giving ST double thumbs down. But as it stands, I would. Not sure what’s going wrong with ST. Please get things right in IOS please! I have always loved ST and recommended it to family and friends but as it stands now I cannot. Even gone are the days where there were assurances and latest updates. I am already disintegrating the system slowly. No more home automation for me. What happened. It’s not the ST I knew and joined.

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Discourse encourages the use of the :heart: (Like) button to indicate agreement.

But it is so hard to say I “like” hearing of poor experiences with SmartThings. I’m definitely tired of hearing empty promises to fix things to… even though I click “Like” to indicate that I support the intention.

SmartThings is a business. So this shouldn’t be personal. As a business, I think we are just suffering from the lack of a vibrant healthy competitive market, where the players push each other to improve or… fail.

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This is one company I believed in and loved each and every person involved and never differentiated between ST and we measly members… What exactly.is happening? These days they don’t even show their presence in the community with updates but for some weird jokes! May be I let emotions rule my judgement rather than…! Please don’t force us out! Love is never lost. But you have to show us some reason besides the one light year v2 in the future. For heavens sake, let me open the app and reliabily turn on and off my lights and perform my. Hello home actions. How basic can we get? We are not trying to launch a satellite thru this platform. Sigh!


I have perhaps had a challenging career, but my experience is that in many large corporations, management is “upward facing”… i.e., they focus on their superiors and how to move up in the company instead of focusing on their staff and customers. It is not intentional.

“Winning” companies are able to align both organizational styles.

Just a theory: SmartThings is adjusting to Samsung acquisition on the one hand, while dealing with tremendous rapid employee and management growth on the other. That could be distracting enough to let us fall through the cracks for a while.

I agree with all of the comments here, I haven’t seen the slow down in my app, but support has become very slow to respond.

I’m really hoping this is the quiet before the storm as they focus on the Hub v2, and improving significantly pieces of their platform.

They’ve been saying this for months now. Just like the github integration that was coming soon, the scheduler problems that have been around since day 1, and all the various devices that are listed as supported but are half-baked at best. It even seems like they’ve made April cut way back on what she’s allowed to say to us.

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Alternatively, it could be that April is busy with other community development activities in the past few days (and god forbid took the weekend off) and was too busy to respond to speculation and conjecture here on the forums.


April definitely deserves the weekend off, I’m sure!

Nature abhors a vacuum, so this thread is filling it, apparently. :wink:

But very good, as always, to see you here, Ben! …

Do you have any thoughts as to whether or not this is just another of the inevitable periodic “the product isn’t perfect” Topics, or is there something new going on? Is the perception of “two steps forward, one step back” accurate, or would you say that progress is much more consistently forward?

The documentation is one area of undeniably amazing and clearly steady ongoing improvement. Big thanks, @Jim and @unixbeast and their behind the scenes supporters!

The UI slowness, scheduling “hiccups”, Hello Home failures, … described in this and recent Topics are less encouraging, would you agree? Appreciate your thoughts.


Funny - I was just saying this in a different way. Any communication is good communication in many cases.

I’ll quote our CTO, Jeff in a meeting yesterday: “This is the last ‘big bang’ release”.

The stacking of a new mobile experience along with new version of hardware that drastically change how processing occurs was probably not a good idea. If you ask us at any time about our philosophy on release cycles, we would all say something like release a product with the minimum set of features, and then iterate. In practice, however — for whatever reason — we tend to get caught in some massive releases.

These releases are all consuming and take all bodies we throw at them. There is a two steps forward, one step back feeling to it. And that has to stop. We’re hopeful that the new experience we are creating will get us to that point. And on the backlog just behind it is a lot of improvement and solidifying what has atrophied (LAN-connected devices, even some ZigBee stuff, and more)

Thank you for calling that out. All to often I think documentation is on of those areas that only get’s mentioned when something is missing. @Jim and @unixbeast are doing great things.

PS - I want new functionality where I can just like certain aspects of a post :slight_smile:


I certainly appreciate the response and am definitely glad to hear that this isn’t the case, even though @tgauchat had said he was told she’s not allowed to release the last developer discussion.

It’s still disheartening that this is the only issue in this thread that you addressed.


Absolutely! That’s the one area that has seen continual, substantial, improvement.

This thread did get properly hijacked, you are right. I don’t have a lot of insight right now into the issues you are experiencing with your iOS build. It is not a universal experience. Have you contacted support? What did they say?

Who said I’m not allowed? Did I say that? :slight_smile: I’m just not releasing it “day after”. The delay is quite aligned with the average timing we’ve uploaded these developer discussion videos. At this time, I have quite the queue to go through to get through first.

In addition, I have found a correlation of people not attending the calls live, vs waiting for calls to be posted short after. With timelines and deadlines for me to get things done by end of weeks- It’s more aligned for me to post videos at a later date (and much more convenient for me, to have the ability to comment and give timestamps again for you.)