ST app and iOS latest version slowness

Is it me or others are facing the same issue? The ST app is extremely slow on latest version of iOS and ST latest version to the point that at times it is unusable till you kill the app and relaunch it. It’s just spinning wheel forever till you kill and relaunch.

PS; Please no ST bashing as this is just to compare similar experiences. Will open a ticket. Let’s help support know if it is a widespread issue.


Same problem. Sometimes the tiles are blank - return and then reload makes it work. I do have to kill it more often due to responsiveness.

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Me too. I am starting to notice this too.

Let’s all open tickets with support.

Update; opened a ticket. If you haven’t please do so.


Kill it and relaunch and it will work for a few minutes and then again back to be unusable.@april Opened a ticket and we will need your help to let the developers know. It’s happening near always. Let me know if you want more details. LTE or blazing fast internet, doesn’t matter. Always happens.


Still haven’t heard anything from support. Did you guys open a ticket, please!

Ticket sent. I’m frequently getting a dashboard that failed to load and my tiles in the “things” section are coming up blank.

Is this with the ST App 1.7.3 ?

I am on 1.8.3 on iPhone 6. Same issue on wife’s phone.

I’ve seen similar issues, but I haven’t opened a ticket yet. Will do that.

I noticed that if the app is open and you then come back to it, it has a lot of problems picking back up where it left off.

@brianlees please report it. Chris from ST just sent a thank you email for making them aware of this issue. So, please anybody facing this, do report.

Exact same behavior on mine and missus’s phone.

Already did… :smile:

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Me too. SmartThings iOS app takes very long time to refresh, times out with the following error message: “Connection timed out, please try again”.

@geko am I glad to see you back in the community! How have you been, my friend! We all miss you! What’s your latest creation?

Hey Ron, nothing to brag about really :slight_smile: The only project I’m still working on is Smart Alarm. The rest is on ice, until I see any sign of ST delivering on their promises of a stable platform, functioning app store, etc.

On top of everything else, the damned thing sucks up iPhone battery like there’s no tomorrow. My battery meter show ST app is the #1 battery hog at 31%!

@April Any updates on this issue? Pretty much everybody has been facing this and reported to support. Will really appreciate it if you let us know that it has been acknowledged. This slowness basically renders the app useless till killed and re-launched.

Yea, the support team has already made the mobile team aware of the issues.


Gracias, @April!!!

(I had to put in a lot of ! to hit 20 chars!)

Great, I’m having the same problems.