Will iOS 1.8.3 & ST app slowness EVER get fixed?

Ha! I’m going through a major ERP software deployment, and I couldn’t have explained the experience any better…

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@ben It has been reported to support and they did follow up promptly and was informed there may may be some memory leak in the iOS app which may be causing it. I am sure that these threads are being scanned and number of new issues which are creeping up in the iOS app including now the mode not changing issue being reported today (although I am not facing it).

May 14:

Hi Ron,

Our developers have been made aware of the issue, and they will be investigating. We believe that there may be a memory leak issue in the current version of the App, and I’ll be sure to update you on any findings.

Thanks so much for your patience. I’ll follow up once I have more news!


My apologies… I guess I’m just jumped the gun while holding my breath to see the upcoming mobile App UI new features :blush:

Can we pretty please see the discussion soon? :innocent:


it’s up now. :slight_smile: On youtube! :smiley:

@April Do you have a direct link, or specific search criteria?



Thanks! …

Oddly it is MUCH faster in iOS 9 beta. Apple must have made some underlying changes to better contain the memory leak.

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