ST Mobile App - Android ver 2.9.0

Just installed the update and my Things loaded within a second. I thought it might be a fluke, so I cleared the cache and force stopped the app and went back into ST and the performance was almost identical. Prior to this update, it would take anywhere from 5 to 7 seconds consistently to load the Things page.

Anyone else seeing the same behavior?

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Same here, the app is actually very fast. Wow, that’s amazing!

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I must have gotten the bum upgrade because mine is still as slow as ever :slight_smile:

Hmmmmm that sucks. For me it’s not even a small difference. It’s night and day. I can go through the entire set of tabs and the responsiveness has almost no lag in displaying data in Things, Rooms, Family, Automation, Market Place, Dashboard.

Almost instant for me so something definitely changed for the better. I was starting to avoid the full things list because it was becoming unusable.

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You sure it’s on 2.9.0?

Maybe try going into your App Settings for SmartThings and Clear Cache and then Force Stop the App. Then go back into the App and see if that works. I didn’t have to do that, but it may work.

Blazing fast for me too. Let’s hope the speedboost sticks.

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@WB70 long time no talk. You are correct it is turbo charged for me. Hope it stays that way.

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It has been a while man. Hope all is well with you.

This is the best update I have seen in a long while :grin:

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Things are good, hope the same for you.

All is good on this end. Just busy and digging out, like any Monday.

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Since the app update I now find that when I turn on or off a ‘Virtual Switch’ that state doesn’t change.
I have to come out of the room and then back in for it to show the state change.
Backward step I’m afraid.
Any one else seeing this.
EDIT: I have been checking through and I have quite a few devices that do not update in the app unless you go out and come back in to the device.
Sent an email to ST support UK but no response. Usually they are very good. Perhaps they are ignoring this issue.
So once again I have to ask the question, "Is this ever tested before it is released?"
As I’m not seeing or getting any response I’ve tagged you @slagle. Perhaps you can get a response because I can’t.

Anyone out there know who I can tag from ST to get some traction with this.
I have left a review of the app and the response was to ‘reach out to support’.
What a waste of time that was. The silence has been deafening.
It’s not just virtual devices it’s quite a few of different types.

@aaron used to be the “go to” guy to tag with UK Support issues (I think…), but his profile pic has changed and gone silent. Either I’ve got the wrong Aaron or he’s left the company?

If someone in USA can replicate the issue, perhaps US support will respond?

I had all my Virtual Dimmers go sideways as well. I have used Better Virtual Dimmer DTH for years (Thwakford?) and now it fails to change the state on my AT tablets. Monkeyed around and had to use another one called Virtual Dimmer which works fine and cast BVD to the code gods. Now broken (non-compliant) due to some hub update I fear.

Can’t give you an update on this I’m afraid as ST support still cannot be bothered to respond to my email.
They wonder why we get frustrated. :rage:

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Does ST have a support team or do they just leave it for people on here to sort things out.
Just wondering as nobody has been in touch with me regarding this issue.

Have you checked your spam folder? (USA) has always been quite responsive… Usually within a few hours weekdays…

Thanks for the prompt but I had already checked earlier today. Thanks again.

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  • Are you on iOS or Android… Oh… The thread is Android?
  • Have you tried observing Live Logging while tapping; there’s often a lot of info?
  • Can you isolate the issue to certain types of Things. Note: Virtual Switches are not official and not Supported by ST Support
  • Same suggestion to observe Live Logging.
  • There are a lot of ways to manage Virtual Switches, so if one SmartApp doesn’t work, you have options, including WebCoRE…