iOS ST App Update

Looks like we iOS users got a ST app update today. Thoughts? Not sure what bug fixes are included.

“Many” 109876543210.

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You had to hit 20 characters mark, right? :slight_smile:

hope it fixes the presence issues.

App on the iPad is no Bueno. Doesn’t display right at all.

Other than that seems to have squashed so,e small bugs and loads faster ImO

Avoid for now. It broke the display, now only using 1/2 the screen (1x or 2x doesn’t matter). This is on iOS 8 and iPad Air

What happens when you run it in 1x mode? I hope that works as ST officially does not have an iPad specific app.

1x vs 2x doesn’t matter. Force quit and restart usually fixes it. I’ve never seen this particular failure mode before.

yeah it’s broken for ipad. Support’s response was that iPad isn’t supported. Disappointing since I’ve been using ST daily on my iPad since I got my hub.

Since last update, even my hues are facing issues turning off. Never ever happened to me earlier except on server outages. It seems we take one step ahead and two step backwards with each update. I created a topic ranting like crazy but retracted to cut them some slack. Weird is that with @ben absent, there is no response from ST. Do you even know what bugs were fixed?

I have up on the app as a presence sensor and uninstalled the devices from smartthings have to say I’m very very disappointed at this.

FYI - to fix the view for iPad you can force quit the app and make sure you are in portrait mode when reopening it.


Greg, thank you, that was the problem I was having. fixed now. thanks again

I got all excited when I saw that update. I figured it was to support some of the new capabilities of iOS8 that ST has said they have had working since WWDC, but the app isn’t even updated for the new device sizes. :frowning: