Why is ST slowing down? (Jan 2024)

I have a fairly large ST setup, and i have noticed that in the last months everything is slowing down without any changes to my setup.

Complex automations are taking way too to run, automations sometimes go into a loop and the only option is to unplug ST. I am now having to restart ST at least once a week.

Is there a known problem i am not aware off? Are there things i should be doing to improve speed? Would be happy to get the speed as when everything ran off internet. Local operation has been nothing but pain.

In my experience ST keeps getting worse and not better. Really want ST to work, and have considrable time invested, so any solid advice would be appriciated.

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One reason why some people have seen this issue in the last few months is that edge Drivers do use up memory on the hub, so having too many edge drivers can slow down the system.

There’s not a specific number that causes this, because different edge drivers are different sizes.

Start by going to


And find the details page for your hub.

Now look for the “driver memory limit status“ field.

If it says “OK“ then driver memory is probably not the issue.

If it says either “hard limit“ or “soft limit“ then driver memory might be contributing to the problem.

You can start by deleting any custom drivers that you don’t need. Sometimes people have downloaded two or three drivers for the same device because they were trying them out to see which one they liked best. Sometimes people have downloaded some of the utility function drivers like the “MC thing“ or “Z wave explorer“ and while they were useful at one point, you don’t need them for every day use.

You will likely see several stock edge Drivers for devices you don’t have, but don’t bother deleting them, they’ll just be added back again by the system.

But if there are custom drivers that you aren’t using, it may be worth deleting those.

Which model hub do you have?


One of the things I use to make sure I don’t have any drivers installed that I don’t need is Taustins SmartThings API which show you which drivers are installed on your hub that are not being used.


I do think in general that the V3 hubs don’t have enough memory for people with advanced setups with a lot of devices and especially with a lot of complex routines that run locally. For me going from the V3 to the Station has drastically improved my performance but it doesn’t support Zwave so if you have Zwave devices you also have to be running a V2 or V3 as well. In a small setup the V3 will run fine or in a advanced setup if you have 2 V2’s or V3’s running together. One for Zwave and one for Zigbee.

I have always thought that when SmartThings moved from the cloud to things running locally on the hub that the V3’s memory just wasn’t enough for the larger setups. The V3 was designed with enough memory to work when everything was running in the cloud and now SmartThings offloaded all of that stuff to the V3, so obviously some people were going to have issue with memory after the move. What still baffles me to this day is why they made the V3 with limited memory when its predecessor had twice the amount. With the cost of ram in todays age it might have cost them a few dollars more per unit! I know that Edge was not on the horizon yet and everyone argues that only 5 to 10 percent of users have more than 5 to 15 devices but you’re still talking a few dollars! With the Aeotec move they should have made an Aeotec V4 with a GB of Ram and a quad core processor at a minimum!

Well enough ranting for now its early and I need coffee.


I am running V2, and I only have about 30 installed drivers. Driver memory says OK. This slowness is truly annoying. Maybe my automations are poorly designed or what not, but I have been using ST for few years and have some idea of what I am doing. Despite many issues with ST I have stuck with it, because there are many things to like. This is truly the first time I am considering changing over to HA - something I really don´t want to do, but what are my options.

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how many devices and routines do you have? How many routines are running localy?

Hi @MagnusBergs , I’ve honestly not seen any slowness. In fact, ST has been, and is extremely reliable and quick for me. My setup is a v2 hub with 32 drivers, and with just about 240 devices. All are Zigbee with just 2 zwave devices, 8 virtual devices, and just 4 wifi/lan devices. I also have 148 routines and 15 scenes. Hub memory is also ok.

What kind of devices do you have? A mix of zwave, zigbee, etc, including mesh repeaters/routers? What’s the health of those meshes? I can tell you from my experiences with SmartThings (been there since the very beginning) that I’ve not had good luck with their zwave implementation with more than ~30 devices, hence why I moved everything to Zigbee.


Are there any utilities in AWA yet to migrate devices from one hub to another in the same location? Tried searching and it seem it was possible with the old IDE but can’t find anything recent. My look through AWA didn’t reveal anything.

See the following thread. You do hub migration from the mobile app.