Hub Out Of Memory Message

Has anyone seen this message before when adding a device?

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How many devices do you have connected to your hub?
How many Edge Drivers are installed?


wow! That’s a first for me.


Which hub model?

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29 drivers and 167 devices according to IDE when I received the message, but I just deleted 17 devices (cameras) and the @TAustin driver for them, so down to 150 devices.

V2 hub no batteries

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I wonder if rebooting the hub would have any effect

All good here, so far. 272 devices, 16 Edge drivers (4 custom) on a v2 hub:

The wording is different, but it could be related to Memory limits ! Bug? - Devices & Integrations - SmartThings Community.


It would be nice if there were somewhere to check just how full the hub’s memory is. Maybe put it right next to the button to remotely reboot the hub?


Anyone have an update on how to check the Hub memory? Would like to see the amount as well as a breakdown of devices vs drivers vs firmware.


I’m having the same issue on a regular basis since the most recent firmware updates. I’ve deleted / moved dozens of devices and deleted at least 50% of the device handlers. Also deleted a lot of routines. None of it made a difference.

@nayelyz is there anyway to check the hubs free memory from the CLI?

No, sorry, we cannot see that information through the API. Are you having issues with the memory of your Hub?

Not sure, everything was working fine until I finished migrating everything to Edge and all of my routines are now running local instead of in the cloud. Sometimes the routines run and sometimes they don’t, constant problems with Zigbee restarting, hub going active and in active, problems I didn’t have when everything was running in the cloud. Could be firmware 45.11, could be memory, could be a lot of things but being that Smartthings has not given us any tools to troubleshoot issues then who knows. The only thing we have is Taustin’s cli api, nothing from Smartthings.

Sorry not meaning to vent on you but I reboot the hub and it works for a day or two and then back to the same issues until I reboot it again. It seems as I migrated everything to Edge and local, things got worse and worse. Seeing the free memory on your hub as things are being migrated locally you would think would at least be provided!

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I’m having the same issues. My hub yesterday literally disconnected and connected back 15 times within 30 min time frame. @nayelyz tried to help y directing me to support team but they had no idea. Worked with them for 11 days straight and they couldn’t figure it out

@Drknght4 I have 151 devices, 22 rooms and 82 of those devices are Zigbee. I have 15 drivers loaded and about 60 routines. Everything has worked fine for the last 3 or 4 years. I’m not sure where to start being that I can’t even see if the hub is low on memory. When you were working with support, were they able to see the free memory or is it a secret?

Not from the CLI, and nothing detailed, but you can hit the /installed-hubs/{{hubId}}/ endpoint in the API and get the status of the driver count and memory usage:

"driverCountLimitStatus": "Ok",
"driverMemoryLimitStatus": "Ok"

So that’s a way of seeing if you are OK at the moment or if you are hitting the soft or hard limits, but probably not telling you anything that feigning adding a device in the app wouldn’t tell you (I’d imagine it is the source of the info).

Thanks, I will try that, I can add a device with no issue. Im worried about the 22 rooms and 82 Zigbee devices. I know your only supposed to have 20 rooms and 64 Zigbee devices. Im wondering if I’m having issues now, with 60 routines and 151 devices, how would I ever be able to support 1000 routines and 200 devices.

The 64 zigbee devices is only the maximum number of devices it can route directly. With additional routing nodes it’s much higher.

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