Hub Low/Out of Memory

I’ve been getting occasional Hub Memory Low or Hub Out of Memory errors when trying to install new devices lately. This hub has also not been acting as reliably as it once was. My “network” has 2 hubs on it; One in my house and one in my far detached garage. The garage one never has this issue. Between the two hubs, I have less than 100 devices with about half on my House hub…the one giving me fits. I have 27 Drivers installed on this hub, I have just over 100 Scenes/Routines also shared between the two hubs…probably around 60% of them are on the troubled hub.

I’m kinda at a loss as to how to trouble shoot this. Unplugging the hub and leaving it unplugged for a min or two and then plugging back in does seem to usually work, but the other day it was particularly difficult.

All posts I’ve seen on this seem to be pre-edge drivers or another bout of them in 2022 that seemed to be a bug that was since fixed?

What model hub do you have? The different models have different amounts of memory.


There have been quite a few threads about this in the last six months, all on the new architecture. It’s usually a message you get if you have too many edge drivers. (Not devices, drivers.)

There’s no point in trying to delete the stock edge drivers: they will just reinstall themselves in a few hours. But if you have custom edge drivers which you are not using for anything, go ahead and delete those, and that should help.

If you go to the advanced page for the official web interface to your SmartThings account and look at the hub details, it will also show you if you are getting close to using up the memory.

Hub: I have the Aeotec V3 hub (M/N: IM6001-V3P01

On the, it shows my hub “driverMemoryLimitStatus” as “OK”. However, my hub currently is currently acting just fine since I restarted it last night.

Just Did some spring cleaning on the drivers and was able to get rid of a few of them that I wasn’t using. This all seems more like a bandaid on the issue however.

I am still on Firmware 51.02. I should be getting 52.11 any day now I’d think. Although the release notes don’t seem to address anything on this, who knows…maybe it will help?

That is likely to be the root of the issues you are having. Any that aren’t actively used could be deleted, though a number of the stock drivers for LAN devices will come back again automatically and the inactive drivers aren’t really going to be consuming much in the way of memory to start with. It is probably the number of active drivers that really makes a difference, and some are leaner than others.


As orangebucket said you may have to many drivers for a v3/Aeotec hub. These hubs have the least amount of memory of all the hubs.

Try to consolidate the custom drivers you are using and delete any custom drivers you no longer need.

Deleting the stock drivers your not using won’t help as they will be automatically readded

I was able to get my 27 drivers down to 21. 10 of which are stock ones. I now only have 11 non stock drivers installed and all 11 are being used.

Of my 11 non stock ones, 8 are zooz drivers that some of the drivers cover 10+ different devices so I’m sure those are on the not so “lean” side of the spectrum.

Pardon my ignorance…how does one consolidate drivers? I’m not exactly sure what you mean by this.

Instead of using 2 or 3 different drivers for different but similar devices (such as ZigBee switches) try to find 1 driver that will work for multiple devices. If may mean giving up some custom features.

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Ah…I see. I’ll have to take a look into that, but I’m going to guess that my device types are different enough that consolidation will be very minimal (if any at all). It is still a little baffling that the ST hub can’t even support 11 non stock drivers without running into memory issues. And with no v4 hub in sight, I’m guessing my only real proper fix to this problem is to get another hub for my setup to split resources.

On the, I see a “Dump Hub Logs” button. I wish I could view my hub logs. I saw on a different post a “Smartthings-CLI” that may be able to do this, but for the life of me I can’t figure it out.

Detailed hub logs aren’t available to end users from AWA or CLI.

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Bummer. Stinks that there isn’t even a way to see how much of the memory is being used as in actual percentage or MB.

Add this to the long list of future requests I guess. Ha!


After 2 days, on “” my “driverMemoryLimitStatus” now shows “SoftLimit”.

I only have 11 non stock drivers installed, and can’t reduce that any more.

Any suggestions, or am I simply at “buy another hub” status?

This is anecdotal but I wouldn’t be concerned yet. You are probably good for some time if you’ve only just gone that status. And I’m not actually convinced it’s an accurate status anyway. You will get a message when trying to add a device and memory is actually full.


Ok…I’ll keep an eye on it and see how the issue does or doesn’t progress