Why does it take the V3/Aeotec hub so long to recover from power outages?

Last night we had a power outage that lasted approximately 2.5 hours.

12 hours after the power came back on, my hub still doesn’t seem to know what time it is.

my ST timed based routines are still approximately 2.5 hours off in their execution.
My 7:00 AM routine didn’t trigger until 9:39 AM.

This has been an ongoing issue since i moved most of my automations to ST almost a year ago.

I don’t know for sure, but several years ago it took a 24 hour cycle before the hub had fully re-synced with the cloud. That’s because some things, like sunset time, were only updated once a day. :thinking:

It’s really annoying, that’s for sure.

My Hubitat C7 automations never missed a beat once the power came back on.
I assume as part of it’s startup routines it hits a time server to sync things back up.


Hi @BlackRose67, so I understand the scenario a bit more so we can try to reproduce, do you know if your internet might have been out for an extended period of time after power was restored?

There is currently a known issue where the RTC (for restoring time after a power loss) on the V3 so it is not unexpected that automations may fire at the incorrect time until the hub has networking to sync time again but in your case it sounds like the hub has networking again. I suspect there may be an issue with the local automations not recalculating their deadlines after the time adjustments take place but will need to confer with the team and have them attempt a repro.

I am assuming that you ended up resolving the problem via a reboot; do you recall if the problem occurred just for one timed cycle (e.g. missed one 7AM automation but the next day it worked correctly) or did the problem persist across days?

Hi Paul.

My internet connection would have recovered within 5 minutes or so after the power came back on.

I didn’t reboot the hub to try and get it to sync up again.

At some point the following day (at least 14 hours after the power came back on), everything recovered and automations resumed their normal schedules.

Hi Paul.

Is the RTC issue something that could be fixed.

Similarly, does this problem affect the new SmartThings Station