Probably simple but can't figure it out:reset hub time

We lost power last night in the storms on the east coast. I’m out of town. And now my hub is showing the wrong time. I’ve dug around but can’t find any easy way to re-set it?

@bmoffett that isn’t really possible. The time is derived from the cloud service not the hub itself. I am interested in what you are seeing however. Perhaps you could let me know and/or write into

Thanks, Ben. I don’t know when the power went out or was restored last night, but I do know the time stamps were the proper East Coast ones up until it went out. But this morning, despite the location being set to Americas/New York, the time stamps on my hub are four hours ahead. It’s showing 3:13PM right now, when it’s 11:14AM on the east coast. To complicate things, my iPhone and its presence sensor are in Mountain Time.

If you email support they will be able to determine what is going on.

@bmoffett we lost our internet connection last Thursday and had a similar experience. I forgot all about it until reading this post, but everything is back to normal as of today without any action on my part.

Oddly enough mine has also reset. Or at least, my iPhone is showing me events in my local time zone here.

Still, seems like an option to reset the time might be helpful. If you have actions set around specific times, and the time is all out of whack after a power loss, it could lead to problems.