Power outage questions

I tried to search wow lots of answers that are all over the place…

I have my hub connected to a large battery back up can i just leave the AA battery’s out so I don’t have to worry about corrosion when i forget to check them?

if I lose power for extended time and the hub actually loses power do i lose any of the devices, routines, smart app settings ect when the power is restored? I have a lot of time invested in settings this stuff up and feel like I am missing that one little cfg file or disc image that makes me feel safe and secure with most of my other networked stuff.

I also have the hue hub and wonder how a power outage affects its settings once the power is restored?

yes i am a little old school and prefer to see my config backups on my raid set vs sitting on a mysterious cloud that I have no control over.

You won’t lose anything. Everything is stored at ST cloud servers so no worry there. As for the hue lights. When you turn on the hue light with your hue app. ST won’t do anything to that state when it’s back online. I think we all do feel a little safer with a backup and it’s nothing to do with old school. It will take me weeks to set everything up again so yeah I know how you feel.

Edit: on the other hand. Swapping out hub… It’s another story. There is a migration tool ST promised a year ago. It will be here just a matter of weeks… Or months…

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be nice if i could drop off the cloud all together seems like it would save them some money on rack space and bandwidth

It would be nice but not gonna happen. :smile:

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When the V2 hub first came out, if it went off-line, all of the notifications would just get stored up and then get sent all at once when connection to the cloud was still reestablished. I believe this is still true, but @slagle can confirm.

If it is true, it can be quite confusing, because you can be getting notifications hours after the trigger occurred. So that’s just something to be aware of.

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The events are relayed back to the cloud upon successful reconnection to internet. :slight_smile: