Potential Bug? Local routines run late on hub after a hub restart

Has anyone else experienced this.
First time was a week ago, hub was offline for around 20mins, after the restart some of the timed routines were running exactly 28 minutes after the scheduled time.
Managed to “correct” this by fake editing the routine to change it and change it back again.
All was ok for a week.
Rebooted by hub yesterday (offline for less than a minute).
This time local routines were running 6 minutes late.

Anyone else getting this?
It will become a real pain if every time the hub loses power or needs a reboot i have to suffer this, for an ever growing number of routines.

Yes! This happened to me last week after I replaced a failed zwave dimmer. My Aeotec hub was on the same circuit as the switch I was replacing. Power was off for about 30 minutes. All seemed well when powering back on but all my routines were 30 minutes late! I decided not to do anything else as I seem to remember this happening a while back. Sure enough, after a day or so all routines returned to their normal time schedule. I guess the hub needs to sync with whatever time clock the servers are using? Not sure.

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thanks for the confirmation.
Good to know it’s nothing i’m doing.
I have routines that control my central heating which is a bit more important than lighting etc.
Good to know it self resolves if you let it go, but irritating that you have to put up with it in the meantime or “fix” the routines.

either way it is odd behavior, it’s as if the clock in the hub stops when you power it down and restarts at the time you powered on when it eventually reboots.

Update on this.
I had to cut power yesterday resulting in the hub being offline for a few minutes.
Since the reboot some routines are now running six minutes late again.
This is definitely a repeatable issue.
I’m not going to fix it this time but leave it running like this for a few days to see if it self resolves.

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Back during one of the many Daylight Savings Time issues, it was established that the hub updated its time schedules to match the cloud once a day. I don’t know if that’s still true, but it would account for what you’ve seen. :thinking:

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it did fix itself, after approx 24 hours.
Looks like after a hub “downtime” the internal clock of the hub runs behind real time by approx the duration of the downtime.
so if its down for 6 mins, routines run 6 mins later than they should.
It’s as if the hub clock stops during the downtime, most odd, and you would expect it to re-sync the clock as part of the reboot, but no.

PS I should add that my previous posts re “fixing” the routines by fake editing them probably were having no effect, it was the passage of time and a hub resync more than anything else that righted the issue

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