Who is turning off my smart plug every once in a while?

Every once in a while a specific smart plug (Sylvania Smart+ plug, model 72922-A) turns off without apparent reason.
I’ve tried removing it from the account and putting it back, but nothing changed.
I recently migrated into SST from Wink (following their subscription idea) and this is a new issue from agter the migration.
No other devices do this, and the 3 schedule automations we have only turn it on when called (because it keeps turning itself off).

I have the following setup:

  • Samsung SmartThings hub
  • Multiple Zigbee devices including a Sylvania Smart+ plug, model 72922-A.
  • Alexa integration
  • 2 users
  • No automations that turn the device off (or anything else off).

I checked Alexa, and the off command did not come from there.
I checked our automations, and asked my wife if she’s turning it off (also no).
I tried the app, but the events don’t say where they come from, and aside from some “configure” events I don’t see anything that would turn it off unexpectedly (would configure events do this?).

How do I track the source of each event (to the resolution of which automation caused it, or which user ran the command)?

Unfortunately Automations are not visible in the IDE, which means you can’t use the IDE to see which ones a device may use. You can still see what SmartApps each device uses

You can use Live Logging to try and track things down, but if these off events are random, then it will be hard to track down. You can also look at the device’s event logs in the IDE where you may get a little more info.

What model/manufacturer smart plug?

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What is your plug’s power outage response? The Sylvania/Osram plugs what I have returns in off state when a power outage happens. Have you seen this issue with Wink as well or is it a new SmartThings issue?

One good way used to be to go the IDE at https://account.smartthings.com/, choosing Devices, your device, List Events and finally selecting ‘All’ events on the resulting page. This showed you things that weren’t elsewhere.

However this really only holds for Classic apps, rather than Automations, for example. Still worth a look though just to see what activity there is, just to confirm it is SmartThings doing it.

What brand and model Smart Plug is it?

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Thanks for the replies so far, keep them coming :smiley:


  • The plug is a Sylvania Smart+ plug, model 72922-A (I added this to the description).
  • I’ve checked my automations manually, and they don’t include turning this plug off.
  • @GSzabados I’m not sure what you are asking about the power response (let me know) but this is a new problem, that did not happen with Wink.
  • I have 0 SmartApps according to the IDE in https://accounts.smartthings.com/
  • I tried looking at Live Logging but got no additional information, and as you say those events are random (not even every day).
  • I also tried to look at he events (I selected ‘All’) while clicking the power button on my SST app to see if there’s anything I can use to tell me it’s my cell phone that caused this, but could not find anything useful in there to identify my cell phone.

Event data from IDE when I click the power button on my SST app:

off command was sent to Kettle

Name Value
archivable true
commandId 289
date 2020-07-10 1:32:28.820 PM PDT (2020-07-10T20:32:28.820Z)
description off command was sent to Kettle
deviceId 03282f70-336a-4fa4-b359-9e412fe103a7
displayed false
eventSource COMMAND
groupId fda18f9a-683e-4a29-b369-195165105112
hubId bc683aee-826c-45c2-9fbc-400efcfb77f8
id 791c7540-c2ec-11ea-b66d-06ff60f5d6c6
isStateChange true
isVirtualHub false
linkText off
locationId 671d7183-7b65-43b7-b1cd-3616a2941652
rawDescription off
translatable false
unixTime 1594413148820
value off
viewed false

My Osram pocket socket turns off, if the power goes away. That is the power outage behaviour what I mean to ask.

So, don’t you have an issue at your wall socket or generally small power outages what this device picks up?

I’m not sure if this is what you mean, but here is what the IDE even says for the device being off. This is after the command event, you can see that one in my longer reply.

Kettle switch is off

Name Value
archivable true
data { “microDeviceTile”: { “type”: “standard”, “icon”: “st.switches.light.off”, “backgroundColor”: “#ffffff” } }
date 2020-07-10 1:32:29.045 PM PDT (2020-07-10T20:32:29.045Z)
description Kettle switch is off
deviceId 03282f70-336a-4fa4-b359-9e412fe103a7
deviceTypeId eea72c32-9008-418b-89a1-6cdeca32875a
displayed true
eventSource DEVICE
groupId fda18f9a-683e-4a29-b369-195165105112
hubId bc683aee-826c-45c2-9fbc-400efcfb77f8
id 7933f371-c2ec-11ea-91f6-286d97b0ea38
isStateChange true
isVirtualHub false
linkText Kettle
locationId 671d7183-7b65-43b7-b1cd-3616a2941652
name switch
translatable true
unixTime 1594413149045
value off
viewed false