What is turning off plugs?

I’m new to Smartthings, and have a frustrating thing happening.
1 - Smartthings hub
5 - Smart plugs
1 - Button
1 - Temp sensor
All are Samsung running current firmware
Not connected to any other automation: Alexa, IFTTT
No apps other than what is basic to a new system

All plugs have automation schedules, tied to a location mode of ‘Away’ that I set when away

I have two plugs that seem to think for turn off on a scheduled basis, but not part of any of the automations I see in the Automations screen in the latest Android.

Looking at History/Activity I see they are still scheduled with schedules I tried in the initial practice with the new system. I can not find these schedules in the interface.

I have tried deleting one of the plugs and re-adding it into the system. Thought it odd that it’s history remains, as does the rogue schedule.

How do I find, and delete these ‘hidden’ schedules?

new app I assume and not the classic app? If you open any of those devices, any chance you set either the timer or power off option for those devices?

Here’s a couple of screen shots. No, not using the Timer, Power on, or Power off options on the plug.

The schedule named “LR on - Every day 07:16” seems to be the culprit, but I can not find it in the new Android app (not the classic). Even though initially named as an ‘ON’ schedule, I must of changed it to an OFF action

I would think that removing the plug from the hub, and then re-adding it, would have cleared up the problem, but it didn’t.

looked in Smart Lighting?

Not familiar with that term. Don’t find it in the Smartthings app, nor in my account at https://graph-na04-useast2.api.smartthings.com/

Different Android app?

You more than likely don’t have it. It can be installed and configured via both apps, regardless of phone OS.

To know for sure if it somehow got installed and configured, go to that same IDE site, then go to My Locations:


Then look for Installed Smartapps and click on that link:


Then look for Smart Lighting:


Does the name of your activating app show up there (or anywhere in that list of smartapps)?

Thank you for your reply. Screen shot shows what is installed.
I was hoping that Smartthings would be easy to schedule a few plugs. Have not installed any Smart apps or device handlers. Have not integrated with Alexa, IFTTT, or any other product. Created several automation schedules to test, thinking they would easily be deleted, but they linger on, making the system less usable when I’m away.

OK… had to use the classic android app to install Smart Lighting. But going back to the Smartthings website I see nothing under that app.

What’s the Custom rule performing within Smart Home Monitor (in the Classic app)?

Looking at the classic app I really don’t see anything.
Under ‘Automation’, no routines listed

I’ve spend lots of time - mine, yours, and jkp’s attempting to resolve this hidden schedule. After floundering with issue I have a few observations.

  • User communities are great, but difficult because we are dealing with two different Android apps as well as the web interface.
  • If I can see the results of an action (plug turned off every day at 0716) why can’t the web interface point to the routine that actually causing that result?
  • Then if I can see the routine, why then can’t I modify, or delete, within the web interface?
  • Why should I need several versions of an app to accomplish relatively simple automations?
  • All of this must be in the cloud, as all automations, including a button for toggling several lights, didn’t function when we (and our entire region) recently lost internet for nearly a day - a real issue for my wife just returning after surgery.

That said, I’m willing to scrub the entire system if I can be assured that I can start at ground zero and not have lingering schedules to plague me - a factory reset. A new Samsung account with a different email address included.

So the question boils down to: How do I do a complete factory reset and completely start over without any ghosts?

It’s not a huge system, and all Samsung devices:

  • 1 hub
  • 5 smart plugs
  • 1 button
  • 1 temp/motion sensor

Let’s try something else in the Classic app…

  • Open one of the devices in your My Home : Things list
  • on that device screen, click on Smartapps in the upper menu
  • there you will be able to see most apps or routines that are associated with that device
  • from there, you can click on each and possibly try to find what is turning them off
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Pretty stark entries. In the Classic app no Smart Apps are shown to be installed with the either of the plugs I’m having trouble with, nor any of the other devices in my system.

Ah, ok. disregard my edited post from a minute ago.

What you could do is watch Live Logging to see more detail about activity in real time. Just before 7:16, assuming it’s a consistent time, bring up Live Logging and see what gets listed, like this:

From that list you should see device and smartapp live logging when they’re being used or sending/doing something. Can you try that?

You can click on anything in that list to see specific details vs. the gobs of info flying by:

What is the make and model of this smart plug?

Plug make and model: Samsung OCF Smart Plug 7A-PL-W-A1

Below is a screen shot of the other plug (same make/model) that turns off at 2223 every evening. Really seems like both are exhibiting the same issue, and up to now been focusing on the one that turns off at 0716, assuming that once the culprit for the one is found the other one should be easy! I captured this one yesterday evening, and can get the other one in the morning.

you might Try looking in the devices section in the web ide for all events for this device and see if there is more detail there.

Here’s the log trace from the plug that turns of at 0716.

I’ve looked through every screen I can find in both the Android app versions, as well as the web interface - nothing. Finding what is triggering the plug to turn off shouldn’t be that difficult. And if it is something I did earlier was I ‘learning’ the system, it still should be easy to find, to my way of thinking. There aren’t any added Smartapps, no integration with Alexa, Google, IFTTT. It’s all within the Samsung infrastructure with Samsung components.

As the system is small, I’m willing to do factory resets on whatever, create a new Samsung account with new email if I could be assured there won’t be pieces of this linger on. My concern with the whole system is that if it is this difficult to find some ‘hidden’ automation schedule controlling a couple of plugs, then is this a platform I want to move forward with and grow?

Nah, it’s usually not this difficult to be honest. Your situation is not the norm, but I also have experienced this.

You can see the “off” at 7:16:01AM, but there’s nothing else to point back to with regards to saying why, who, what is causing it. Definitely an odd duck.

You could exclude and delete the device from ST and add it back, or you could email ST support and have them look at the back end of things to see what may be causing this, especially since it’s more than one device. There could be an underlying issue impacting more than those devices, and/or more then just you and it’s not been reported yet.

Emailing support isn’t the fastest, but I’ve had good experiences lately with them, so give them a try at least. Tagging @jody.albritton and @Brad_ST for awareness.

Thank you. I have created a support ticket. Hopefully they are good at hunting the ‘odd ducks’ in this system.

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There were two ghost automations that were created in the new app, either a scene or a custom automation. I escalated the issue and those are now removed. Let us know here or via your support ticket if you are still seeing issues.


@Brad_ST, is it the new norm? There are a few recent posts about ghost automations. Or unknown triggers. What is causing these? Will these issues fixed somehow?

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