Smart Plug 7A-PL-Z-J3 still powers devices even when switched off

Hi All,

Have been having an issue with my smart plug for the last 6 months now,

When it is plugged in and synced with my smart hub I turn it off and the tv connected to it stays on.
I have checked and even pressing the physical switch on the smart plug does not cut the power.

The LED on the plug turns on and off as expected but the power just keeps on flowing regardless.

I have raised two support cases now and in both cases the engineers have stopped responding and I am now being completely ignored.

Just encase anyone bothers to check the case numbers are 1115024 and 1082203

I have tried resetting the plug and deleting it from my account on smart things and re adding it but it has the same behaviour. Will be constantly on (even if the led is off on the plug) and will not cut the power.

Support have confirmed they have seen power being used by the wattage meter when the plug is in the off state and that it should be RMA’ed but since then have not replied to either case. (one was closed and when I emailed in asking for another update the system raised a new case and the engineer asked for my address then never replied).

Just wondering if anyone else was / has had issues with this or other smart things plugs similar to this or if anyone knows of a way to contact / reach support that may actually get through to someone who cares.

Thanks for any advice :slight_smile:

If this is something observed latelly, it could be that the plug has fused internally and you should remove it as soon as possible.

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You might have the hot and neutral at the outlet itself reversed. In that case, power can still flow past the smart outlet even when it switches off if it finds another path to ground. A simple outlet tester can check.

Or as @Andremain stated the plug may have failed internally. Either way I would stop using it until you find out what’s wrong.

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Hi both,

Thanks for the replies.

The house wiring is the correct polarity ( I have checked this already) and it seems to be an issue with the outlet.

If it is fused internally and I am not getting anywhere with Samsung I guess I have a paperweight and am just gonna be out of pocket.

Shame as the service used to be ok when they had a call center :frowning: