Smartthings Plug turning on randomly

I have a Smartthings plug that came with the hub. It literally turns on randomly. I have a Failsafe rule set to turn it off if it’s been on a while, and that never even gets triggered.

When I look in the IDE I can’t find any event that turns it on. I looked a bit ago when it happened and the last even I could see what an off trigger. However, once I opened the app it quickly showed it was on.

This is driving me crazy. Is there any log I can go into to figure out what’s happening? It’s only attached to one rule that turns it on - when another light turns on it turns this, accent lighting, on and vice versa. However, it’s not a matter of it missing the off command from the hub as we can leave the kitchen with everything off and an hour later find the accent lighting on.

Help me fix my possessed plug?