Which rgb controller? (request change my Gledopto to solve randon power on and change light intensity)

Which rgb controller do you use with SmartThings? I’ve tried many and they all give me some problems :unamused:

What problems are you having?

I’ve been using a Gledopto, and honestly it has been solid for well over a year anyway.

That said, there are some that have better support here in the forum. With that in mind, maybe look at the Zooz (if you are in the US, or can use those Z-wave frequencies). I don’t have one yet, but I think any issues would be resolved in short order.

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My problem is this with gledopto: Problem controller led rggw random power on

And I try osram, and other in the past.

So, is the problem with controls (device handler) or something within the electronics?

Ok, I see the edit…

This one that you have is the newer version than mine. I will continue to think about the problem that you have, though.

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I think wifi interference

I found a report of a similar issue, and some people think there may be an issue with those labeled 3.0 and the firmware:

Also some reports of Gledopto products randomly turning on, which seems related to newest firmware.

This is good to know, as I was contemplating buying a few more. Now, I don’t know, because of this reported issue.

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Interesting. I was convinced that the problem was wifi interference disturbances. So I tried to unplug my google wifi and only use the vodafone router. Amazement, no more problems :roll_eyes:. This is not a solution for me, indeed for me it is a defeat. I begin to hate google wifi, it bothers me not to be able to change the google wifi wife channel.
I tried to change the zigbee channel in the SmartThings Hub, but moving from 24 to 11 and then 26 the problems of random switching on happen the same :cry:

I’m thinking of trying Tuya. They have a few Zigbee versions:

I’m not sure how well they work in Smartthings, but it is not a high price to pay, not sure of the cost to Italy.

Or maybe this one is a winner?

or this one?

so many…

thanks for your support, i would first try to solve wifi interference problems with google wifi first

Is your router near your st hub? They need to be spaced apart. Have you checked the channel your router is using in comparison to your st hubs ZigBee radio? Not too long ago, st added the ability to change the ZigBee channel in IDE.

how close do you mean? I have a vodafone station (with wifi off) 50 cm from the ST hub, then my network is managed by a mesh network consisting of 2 google wifi (one at 1 meter away, the other at 20 meters) and it is this is where my interference problem starts.

Unfortunately google fiwi does not allow you to choose and change channels, so I can only check it with a different app and I see that it is often on channel 1 and 6.
I tried to change all the router’s zigbee channels in the ST hub but the interference remains

That said, yesterday I tried to disconnect the google wifi using only the vodafone station and the interference problems disappeared. I’m trying to figure out if they disappeared because:

  1. turn off the google wifi
  2. or because the wifi devices at home are not connected (the network has a different name, therefore the wifi devices are not connected until I redo the settings)
  3. or maybe because the vodafone station is connected in a different channel.

You should have 5m between the ST hub and a router/mesh puck. I’d try moving your st hub and see if that solves your problem.

I think no becouse in my experience yesterday with Google wifi power off and Vodafone station power on (only 30cm from the St hub) no interference :roll_eyes:

Just to chime in probably not helpful but I also have google nest wifi and smartthings v2 hub only a metre apart but have no problems with zigbee and I also have a couple of the gledopto led strips.

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I also have a v2 hub sitting 30cm between two WiFi routers, zero Zigbee interference, don’t believe everything you read here.

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If it’s a Gledopto firmware issue, the only way to know would be to compare firmware versions of the controllers. I’m not sure where I would find this.

All I’m seeing under device data is the model, which in my case is GL-C-008. Mine hasn’t had any issues, and if it makes any difference my hub is about 1 meter from the router.

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I’m glad to hear this. I have google wifi first generation (low and cylindrical), not the new next ones (with rounded edges).
What country are you in? What channel do you use for zigbee? And exactly which gledopto controller model do you have? I have model: GL-C-008P with firmware:
Current Version: 0x00000006
Target Version: 0x00000006
( i see this information in the IDE on Smartthings.

Same question for you please. I try to understand my problem and ask the difference model and firmware you have.

I have the GL-C-008P (the P is the Pro version i see in the website). I don’t know if is possible change the firmware.

Zigbee channel 19
WiFi channel 11 and 6 for each node

Hope this helps

Yes, I think the firmware is static with the model number. At least I have found no information of a way to update.

As far as the distance of hub to router… I can say that when my hub was much closer to the router, some Zigbee devices would lose connection. But, since the hub has been moved further away, those devices have stayed connected.