NEW, very small, Zigbee RGB-CCT LED strip controller 5VDC USB

Read it on Reddit Gledopto Zigbee mini led strip controller

Very tiny, easy to hide away, powered by 5VDC USB plug. For DIY, the size is very important. Mini size: 44 (L) X 22 (W) X 11 (H), not including the cable (34cm in total).

Needs special 5VDC led strip, order together.

Hide away behind your TV set.

IP20 and IP65 version of the strip.

Compare the size with an already small Gledopto RGB controller.

Can be ordered from AliExpress.

Read more on Reddit.

Grtn Ben


Unboxing the strip and controller

I received the complete set: controller, strip and 3 connectors for 90 degree corners.

Supplying 5V DC with a USB power adapter (2 Amp), the lights went on.

Added to SmartThings as a Thing and changed the DTH to homemade Zigbee RGBW 2000-65000K driver.

Then came the surprise :astonished: : one of the color leds fails to be Red. Time for a warranty claim to Official Gledopto Store in AliExpress.

Grtn Ben

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I received a new led strip from Gledopto, warranty.

The driver that is found automatically when adding the controller is the Zigbee RGBW. With that driver the range for the Warmwhite-Coolwhite = 2700-65000K.

At the lowest level, 2700K, both leds (CW + WW) are on. That makes it impossible to get warmwhite only. I changed the driver to a modified one, 2000-65000K and the Warmwhite leds only are on below 2050K.

I hope SmartThings support will improve this, the lower level, from 2700K to 2000K. Not only for Gledopto devices, but also for other bulbs and drivers where needed.

Grtn Ben

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