Ajax HLC502-Z Zigbee RGB Led Controller

I’m considering buying the following RGB controller :

Company product web page :

Did someone connected it to SmartThings ? Which Handler ? Is this properly works ?


Some of the reviews say it’s zigbee 3.0 and works with the newer SmartThings hubs, but people had to contact the company to get a DTH for colour control. So I would start by contacting the manufacturer.

The Gledopto zigbee controller costs slightly less and has the ability to control RBGCCT strips rather than just RGBW. It also works with several color bulb device handlers, including stock ones (making local control possible). Just make sure to get the single SSID version if you’re going to connect it directly to SmartThings. If you use a Hue hub you can use either version, and the 2 SSID will give you simultaneous independent control of the RGB and tunable white.

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Thank you for your recommendation, but a friend of mine already got the Ajax HLC502-Z
and he have problems to control it, seems that he need a custom DHT. Do you or @JDRoberts have any links ?

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