Problem controller led rggw random power on

The other evening I try to connect some new vimar zigbee switch on the counter, to try them and I notice that the 2 GLEDOPTO 8p plus ( that I have in the house turn on by themselves :thinking: at random.
I thought it was because when hub was looking for vimars somehow solicited them, so I deleted them all.
Today I install them again and leave them connected, but every now and then I find the LEDs of the GLEDOPTO turned on. The whole day went on like this, with continuous random starts, even ending up disconnecting itself, thus preventing it from being switched off. I do not know what to do, for now I have eliminated them and I have not removed the plug, hoping to find a solution.
If you have ideas, so be it

Surely there is some interference as I find myself 83% adjustments, which I have never done :unamused: