Which rgb controller? (request change my Gledopto to solve randon power on and change light intensity)

Thanks everyone for your testimonials.
Now I have this strong doubt, will it be the fault of my wifi or RGB controllers? I say this because only those 2 controllers give these problems, first no problem of unwanted switching on.
The problem started when I added 6 new powered zigbee devices (which therefore act as zigbee routers) and simultaneously removing 6 shelly wifi with tasmota firmware. I am really torn and with no ideas on the way to go to solve my problem.

I tried to completely turn off the vodafone station, the google wifi and connect a new fritzbox modem router to replace it and call it with the same network name and password in order to simulate the same situation.
Oh my god, those two RGB controllers still turn on randomly, and change light intensity by themselves. I therefore exclude the google wifi as interference … I am going crazy and I can not solve this situation

I know it sounds obvious but have you checked your automations to make sure you don’t have anything turning them on or something going on in quick settings or something?

yes, sure, I have reset disconnect and riconnect this device… nothing is connect to these two gledopto device.

So you’ve ruled out automations and WiFi interference and you’ve deleted and removed the devices and included them back again?

Is this always been a problem with them since you had them or just recently?

Only one of the two is connected to smarthings, deleted and reinstalled just yesterday because after being turned off 24h I was not able to reconnect it, it was always offline.

as soon as they were installed I noticed a strange automatic switching on and off, but I thought it was the power supply wire that made a less than perfect contact, I didn’t give it much weight I fixed the connections and that’s it. Then I have not noticed any other problems, they are back since I deleted 6 tasmota shelly and added 6 vimar zigbee switches.

Maybe you could try a different device handler it’s worth a try.

I think ZLL RGBW should work.

I try ZLL but no change…random power on and change % of light
I am thinking of doing something that I have always refused! Buy a Philips HUE hub and connect them to it hoping they work better.

I just did a quick Google and seems like people with Philips hue having the same problem with gledopto.

You should probably have a look before spending your money.

The other option would be to change the controller either tuya or lidl would be worth a look.

oh my god, i guess you’re better than me at internet searches you :frowning: i did this search and i didn’t find anything, just people happy with this hub. I’ve tried a lot of controllers, none perfect. I’ll try that too lidl if needed. I started looking for devices that could go completely locally and not in the cloud, it seems to me that tuya and lidl go to the cloud on smartthings because they need a different DH if I’m not mistaken

I’m not sure, but someone might say for sure, but the ZLL handlers seem to run local, and I believe that is what most people use for the Tuya Zigbee.

I don’t know which Tuya LED controller is best, but there have been some reports of manual control of dimming having some problems, but I think reading reviews from Aliexpress and Hubitat forums would offer more information.